How to Quit Smoking Tobacco with our Organic Herbal Smoking Blends

Article published at: Jun 13, 2023 Article author: Lily Michaud
How to Quit Smoking Tobacco with our Organic Herbal Smoking Blends
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Break your tobacco addiction with herbs that address your reasons for smoking.  Our smoking blends were formulated to be gentler on your lungs than tobacco and mj. They are a risk reduction method for quitting tobacco. After you break your addiction you can decide when and if you want to smoke again. Some people choose not to smoke again, but many enjoy an occasional Brown Bear Herbs smoke without worrying about becoming addicted again.

Please note: our smoking blends contain no tobacco, no nicotine, no thc, no cbd, and no additives. We use only organic and/or wildcrafted herbs. 

Step by step guide to ending your tobacco addiction:

1. When and why do you smoke? Determining this will help you decide which of our smoking blends will support you as you quit tobacco. 

a) Are you physically addicted? If you are smoking every day and feeling it when you try not to, try Take it Easy. This smoking blend that will ease your withdrawal symptoms. Try this blend during the beginning of your quitting process when your loudest symptoms are from nicotine withdrawal. Learn more about Take it Easy here. Read a review here

b) Social smoker: Try Sexy Smokes, the Social, Astral in Body, or Take it Easy

c) Solo smoker: try Gentle and Protective, Clear Mind

Some smokes go both ways! Sexy Smokes and Astral in Body 

d) Work smoker: If you are smoking to promote creative flow or focus try Clear Mind. If you are smoking to get out of your head, or for work breaks try Take it Easy.

e) Big emotions smoker: Gentle and Protective is great for emotional overwhelm (read a review here), Astral in Body is good for emotions related to the moon (the moon in the sky).

f) Anxiety smoker: Clear Mind has been really helpful for people with ADHD and mental anxiety (see our reviews page), if your anxiety manifests more physically try Take it Easy or Sexy Smokes to get grounded.


2. Choosing your pack: Do you like light or fuller bodied smoke?  

Our smokes are meant to be inhaled like a regular tobacco cigarette. We offer filtered and Classic cigarettes, as well as pouches of herbs for you to roll your own. Our filtered smokes act just like the typical filtered cigarette. Some people love our lighter blends filtered and some complain they do not produce enough smoke to be satisfying. For those people our Classics are perfect. Classics are handmade and unfiltered. They have a paper crutch that keeps the herbs out of your mouth. In general our herbs are experientially lighter than tobacco. After smoking you can uncurl your paper crutch to read an inspiring message.

Our lightest to strongest blends: 

a) Lightest: Clear Mind and Gentle & Protective 

b) Medium: Astral in Body

c) Fuller Smokes: Sexy Smokes, Take it Easy, & the Social

Shop our smoking blends here


3. Understand your smoking needs (# of packs) as you quit tobacco.

a) If you are used to daily tobacco, try Take it Easy to ease the anxiety, crankiness and stress of nicotine withdrawal. If you don't feel physically addicted, skip ahead. If you have tried to quit multiple times this time period may take longer. Try to smoke as infrequently as possible and grab a Take it Easy when you feel you can't wait. Try to get down to 1-2 a day as quickly as possible. Purchase 1-3 packs or subscribe to save and make sure your supply is uninterrupted.

b) Grab a sampler pack, or packs of the blends that seem like they would fit your needs as you quit. People love to try new smokes, share one! Sampler packs are great for this. It will add variety to your friends' lives, improve the air quality, and keep your smoker friends. 

d) Keep a pack on hand until you are totally sure you are out of the woods with your addiction! Don't catch yourself bumming a smoke on a hard day. Subscribe to your favorite Brown Bear Herbs smoking blend on a monthly or every other month basis. You can change or cancel your subscription any time.

Quitting tobacco can almost be easy if you can still smoke and you have herbs to support you. Once your addiction is interrupted, you decide if you want to smoke again. Many cultures incorporate occasional smoking in a more balanced way. Smoking herbs can be used medicinally, as part of ceremonial and/or for guiding social energies. Transform smoking! You can make your addiction a choice. 


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