Herbalism, Air Quality, Asthma, & Renewal

Article published at: Jun 9, 2023 Article author: Lily Michaud
Herbalism, Air Quality, Asthma, & Renewal
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A discussion of herbs for lung health to remind you that in spite of air quality issues, you can have healthy lungs. I look at stories of healing including my father getting off of hospice with Easter Lily flower essence. I also share a couple stories of healing asthma and pneumonia with the herbs mullein, cardomom, and grindelia. Herbs, including smoking mullein have a long history of being used to heal and support our lungs. Don't despair when air conditions are poor. Find herbal allies to support your lungs and work and make decisions for a more sustainable future.

My work focuses on helping people go from smoking as a form of enslavement to empowerment by harnessing plant medicine and releasing addiction. But I also do individual herb consultations.


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