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One on One Experiences: 
"Thank you so much for listening and asking great questions. I’ve never had someone be so interested in the issue, so it’s refreshing."
Carson, B, Portland, Oregon
“I cannot say enough positive reflections about my flower essence [one on one]. Within days of starting the specialized flower essence blend that was created for me, I began to feel an energetic shift in my body and mind. The amount of inspiration and creativity pulsing through my veins has become so palpable and I don’t even remember the last time I felt this connected to source. I highly recommend Brown Bear Herbs and the intuitive and thoughtful approach to [one on one education]. I will definitely be back for more life-altering amazingness!” 
Sara, P. Portland, Oregon

"It has been exactly 1 year & 1 week I have been tobacco free. Something I never imagined I would say or even have the desire to do. Getting Covid last year initiated the idea to stop but it was experimenting with a nicotine patch when I realized how dependent my state of being relied on the addictive drug. 15 minutes after application of the patch the “normalcy” that washed over me diluted this illusion.

However smoking & the ritual itself has always been about something else. Something meditative and medicinal for me. I knew regardless of the addiction being out of my system that I would crave the act consciously for creative, emotional and or social reasons. I knew I had to be prepared for that day so I could never have a reason to go back.
Thankfully I came across Brown Bear Herbs. A woman owned business creating the idea of transforming smoking, breaking addiction and alternative healing. Lily aka Arati offers so much more then smokable herbal replacement. Her [one on one work]...tinctures, herbal teas, etc have offered a variety of healing outlets and transformed my life! So not only will I always have a better alternative to tobacco, I now have other new tools and resources to support my healing journey. This has made my life less mundane, more special, and ritualistic!" 
-Miranda D., Parkville, Maryland

"I had been wanting to work with an herbalist for some time now. I wanted to quit smoking cigarettes and found Arati through a google search for herbal cigarettes. I immediately felt drawn to work with her beyond just ordering cigarettes. After our first appointment, where I shared my struggles with ending an abusive relationship, she sent me a package of tea, tincture, flower essence and smokes. Three days after starting the regimen, I ended the relationship I had struggled for months to leave, and have not gone back since. I truly attribute this, in particular, to the flower essence, which I felt led to take more of in those first few days. My energy and boundaries definitely shifted, and I felt an anger and determination rise up in me to then finally end something that had brought me such harm and stress. I am so incredibly grateful for her intuition, her work, and her passion to heal!! Thank you, Arati!!"

Alyssa R. Chester, New Jersey