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Find a new sense of peace and centeredness. Learn to let herbs support you on your journey. Allow our herbal smoking blends to make it easier for you to release your addiction to tobacco and transform your relationship with smoke.
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Quitting Tobacco:
"I’m thrilled that with the help of your herbal smokes I’ve finally overcome my nicotine addiction! This months pack will be my last...Thank you so much for offering a wonderful product & reasonable prices! It truly made a huge difference in my ability to quit smoking nicotine and not feel “deprived” or have horrible cravings when around friends/family who smoke."
K. J-N, Eugene, Oregon
"I have smoked tobacco on and off for most of my life, even though I know that I don’t actually enjoy much about it. I don’t like the smell, nor the huge drop of energy that I feel, nor the way it aggravates my throat. But I regularly go back to it when my energy is just too out of sorts. I am so grateful for the Filtered Sexy Smokes, because they help me feel grounded, they ease the discomfort of big emotions so I can address them in a healthy way, AND I can smoke just one to feel that desired effect. I don’t end up in a loop of smoking “just one more” over and over until “tada”! I’m hooked again. These have kept me from returning to tobacco, and I still get the benefit of herbal medicine that my body enjoys."
-Jessica, S., Vancouver, WA
"I find Take It Easy blend very soothing. One puff and I almost immediately feel my shoulders and muscles relaxing. It helps anxiety- in my experience it targets the places that anxiety is held in the body. I struggle with being tense and jumpy and I really feel that the Take It Easy blend calms my nerves without altering my cognition or making me feel “out of it.” I find the filtered cigarettes are smoother and gentler to smoke but personally I prefer the stronger sensation of the unfiltered. Definitely both options are superior to rolling your own without any kind or filter or crutch."
-Eli S., Somerville, MA

“These are amazing. Period. The burn/ draw is so satisfying. I read several reviews that said these burn very quickly, and I did not have that experience. In another life, I was a smoker, and have never fully recovered from that habit/ desire... This cigarette is exactly what I have been looking for and have not found until now.”

Ariel R.


“I’ve been trying to quit smoking for years now. The holidays are here and I was nervous about not being able to step outside and have my usual smoke breaks. I bought this pack for some clarity and I really loved the ability to match my mood with my smoke. My breaks were just as satisfying and I felt good about making a healthier decision. I shared them with some of my relatives and they really enjoyed the experience.”

Anita M.


"These smokes from Brown Bear are my favorite find of 2019. I have been a casual smoker for years and often wished for something other than the ubiquitous cigarettes. These offerings from Brown Bear are exactly what I’ve been looking for! Her classic pre-rolls have no filter, but they have a strip of paper rolled at that end so you don’t have herbs right on your tongue and the end stays firm. Perfect! I also enjoy the pouches of her blends. For me, the ritual of rolling and smoking your own is calming and nostalgic.

I’ve acquired a nice stash of these products so now when I’m wanting a smoke, I enjoy choosing something based on my mood.. instead of grabbing a pack of cigarettes that I don’t really enjoy, and leave nasty filter trash behind."



"The people who bought this and gave it one star* clearly don't understand the purpose of this product. It's not supposed to get you high, it's not "dust bunnies." Simpletons expecting to buy something like gas station bath salts or fake weed. It's naturally occurring plants that have real medicinal properties. Do some basic research before you buy...!

I really like these blends. I grind it with my CBD flower in my j's. Together with the CBD I can feel my anxiety lessen and the tension leave my shoulders. It's the only thing aside from Adderall that stops my ADHD brain from chattering, and doesn't leave me with a crash. Highly recommend."

Erin Nichols (*Amazon review)


"I don’t understand why some of the ratings* are low. Don’t expect to be blasted. It relaxes you, helps anxiety, and boosts cognitive function. I am diagnosed ADHD and this helped me think more linearly. Just be mindful and feel your mind and body loosen."

Ethan Thomas (*Amazon review)


"I love the brand honestly and what their mission is in regards to their products I appreciate that they include organic herbs as well. Taste wise I can clearly pick up on each herb inside. The spearmint has a nice little touch to it. I would be lying if said it’s flavor isn’t interesting but I happy to try any of their blends c: . My favorite ingredients are mullein and linden. Plus the roll your own pouches are a bit cheaper for than their Prerolls."



"These smokes are really incredible when you need to take a moment to recenter yourself. I find that this blend is very calming and has provided me relief from anxiety and stress on multiple occasions. Brown Bear's Clear Mind blend really is true to its name!"



"A friend with a background in herbal medicine recommended these, because I quit smoking 2 years ago, but in the last six months I started using a Juul... I know, I know, vaping is worse than just smoking cigarettes. I didn’t want to go back to “smelling like an ashtray” so I bought three packs of the “clear mind” blend. I am a customer for life now. I love the taste, it TOTALLY quenches the oral fixation issue, and I read the other reviews here, but I don’t think they burned unreasonably fast. I used to smoke American spirits, which take roughly 7 minutes to smoke. I feel like these last about 5-6 min. I’ve already told all my friends who want to quit smoking to give these a shot."



Your herbal smokes help me to smoke fewer nicotine cigarettes, which are toxic for my body. I have anxiety and ADHD, and smoking is one of the ways that manifests. When I smoke your herbal cigs, it makes me feel like I'm really soothing myself, and it smells and tastes so much better than nicotine cigs!
I can't always afford the herbal cigs, so I still smoke regular ones. But when I get to treat myself to an order of herbals it makes me so happy :) Thanks for making them!
Karuna K.
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