Clear Mind for Anxiety and ADHD

Article published at: Jun 5, 2023 Article author: Lily Michaud
Clear Mind for Anxiety and ADHD
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If you are a tobacco or marijuana smoker and have anxiety or ADHD, try our Clear Mind organic herbal smoking blend.  Our smoking blends are non-addictive and the herbs in them address the underlying reasons why people smoke. We make our formulas based on the time honored use of the herbs. I see from our reviews that many people with ADHD and anxiety symptoms find relief from smoking Clear Mind. Let's look at how the herbs have been historically used to support an over-active mind.

Linden has long been used for easing anxiety. This herb has some anti-inflammatory effects, which I feel play a role in ADHD, anxiety, and restlessness. The herb is also soothing to emotional distress and often brings a sense of sweetness to life. 

Gotu kola is a traditional ayurvedic herb and has historically been used to improve cognitive function and memory. 

Spearmint has been tested in scientific studies and found to improve working memory, decrease anxiety, and promote relaxation. Scientists are finding it is a helpful plant medicine in these areas of mental health. 

Mullein is included in all of our smoking blends to support lung health. Mullein was traditionally used for lung support for pneumonia, brochitis, asthma etc, by the Indigenous peoples of what is now called North America and in European herbalism.

There are many reasons people have discovered this use for our Clear Mind herbal smoking blend. Clear Mind is also great for creatives who smoke while they work and mj fans who want to feel clearer but not sped up or jittery from stimulents.

Use our smoking blends as an alternative to addictive tobacco, or even to quit smoking altogether. If you are not wanting to smoke you can also use our roll your own blend to make tea--> 1 teaspoon per cup of hot water.


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