Smoke Carries Wishes to The Spirit

Article published at: May 19, 2023 Article author: Lily Michaud
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How do we connect to Spirit through the physical world? 

Spirit permeates the physical. When our auric field (picture above) is strong we feel connected to spirit. Spirit is not just far off in the heavens, it is around and in each of us. The same is true for plants, animals, minerals...the Earth. We put energy into the things we make, touch, and use. Even our ideas and emotions carry our energy. 

When we drink tea or take a tincture, we are working through earth of our body and the plant and water. The medicine winds through our physical body as we digest and circulate it physically. When herbs are ingested through air and fire, the spiritual, mental, inspirational, and emotional aspects of the plant's medicine are predominant.

Depending on what we smoke, we send medicine or poison to our body, which includes our auric field. When you smoke, tune in to how your body and your energy feel. You will understand yourself and what feels right for you over time. Listen to yourself. 

Dissociating, or fleeing energetically, is a survival tool. Using drugs or alcohol causes holes in the energetic field which I feel are a result of fleeing energetically. Drugs and alcohol, allow us to choose to dissociate. These holes are harmful to our bodies on all levels. What would happen if instead of dissociating or fleeing energetically, you sat with the discomfort? Try to be present where you have pain or frustration. Can you be in a state of full embodiment without loving yourself unconditionally? I don't think so. Being present with yourself, and observing yourself, is a pathway out of survival and into thriving. Silent meditation helps.

Your body and mind have a nearly infinite ability to heal. Mother Nature offers so many tools. Lily Arati Michaud has gathered herbs for you to support positive transformation, especially around addiction. 


If socializing and peer pressure are difficult, try The Social. Is it anxiety or focus? Try Clear Mind. If your emotions or psychic information are overwhelming you, try Gentle & Protective.  Lean into the natural medicine Mother Nature provides. Appreciate Her. 

Now is an excellent time to find spiritual peace through your body and the physical world. Reside in your body (all the layers!), love it until it heals, and set intentions/wishes to improve this are spirit.

Planting Trees in Ghana Schools, Nana Darkoaaa

ASTROLOGICAL ADVICE for the next two weeks: 

With the new moon in Taurus (enjoying the physical world) and Jupiter (mental expansion and spiritual inquiry) in Taurus, now is the perfect time find the spiritual in the physical. 

The sign of Taurus is the sign I think is the least likely to believe in the affects of the cosmos and most likely to believe in the Earth. There is a new moon in Taurus today, May 19th. The new moon is always a great time for planting, literally or metaphorically. Do some gardening for a sustainability, if you have the privilege. I encourage you to appreciate, and hopefully enjoy life in your body, and on Earth. Many people treat their body like it is a scooter or a model T--a basic way to get around. I see the body's capacity more like a spaceship...or beyond! We have so much potential, are you tapping it? 

Jupiter has just moved into the sign of Taurus, and will remain in the sign for about a year. This should expand all things Taurus related, like enjoying beauty and soft feminity, sensual living, cultivating the Earth, bovines. Jupiter is related to the law, so it could also bring some new laws to protect these areas. On June 1st, Jupiter joins with the North Node in Taurus. Collectively (N Node) we can have big visions about expansion around the Earth element, including our bodies. I hope that this conjunction brings you insight and illumination into the magic of your body. It is a great time to feel reverence and appreciation for our home planet and be inspired about how you can support Mother Earth as She supports you. 

Take the time between now and the 1st of June to feel into your body, and the Earth, and set intentions around expanding (Jupiter) the physical through appreciating, tending/gardening, and embodiment. Then take action in the physical world on a routine basis. 


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