Linden, Creativity, & Conflict Resolution...and the Astrology for this Waxing Moon

Article published at: Jun 16, 2023 Article author: Lily Michaud
Arati Ursus, owner and herbalist at Brown Bear Herbs in front of a flowering Linden tree.
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I get so excited when Linden is in flower. It happens for a very short time around June in Portland, Oregon. 

Linden was historically used as the wood in courtrooms, town halls, and in the center of town. Unless you are living in a cave there is going to be some conflict. This herb was found to help keep emotions cool and bring in sweetness. 

Linden is in our Clear Mind herbal smoking blend. I created the blend for writers and other creatives who smoke while they work. Many creatives have intense emotions they want to communicate through their work. Because, even if you are living in a cave, you will have some internal conflict. This smoking blend helps bring in focus, enhance working memory, and cool emotions so you can do the things you love to do. 

The herbs in our blends are not addictive. So if you are used to depending on tobacco, you won't find that feeling here. Instead, my hope is that you will find plants that support you in areas you have trouble. I want you to feel supported by Mother Earth as I do. And while you are busy feeling supported, you might just realize you have eliminated your tobacco can be that easy!

The next two weeks are filled with creative energy. The month ends with a spectacular last day with lots of favorable aspects.

The new moon is Gemini is today, June 17th. The ruler of Gemini is Mercury which will also be in Gemini. The planet of Mercury and the sign of Gemini are related to communications, writing, social media, and having fun. Take this day to initiate some, new light conversations, social media projects, or dance through that writing project. This new moon especially favors creativity; in addition to all that creative verbal energy (and those gesticulating Gemini arms), Mars and Venus (starting and refining energies) are both in Leo the sign of showing off your creativity and general awesomeness. So do it!

The Summer solstice is on Wednesday, June 21st. Summer is coming in hot, emotional, and expressive with the moon in Leo (along with Mars and Venus). Do NOT miss this creativity wave this Summer--the energy is there for you. If the blocks are strong try our Artist's Dream Tea. If your focus is not so focused, try our Clear Mind herbal smoking blend.

On the last day of the month a whole bunch of amazing aspects form making it a great time to express emotions and wounding around home (physical and emotional) and family. There is enough positive, transformative energy here that I feel even the most sensitive stuff can come out and it will benefit those involved. You can do this. Accept the grace of the day and allow yourself to communicate about it all. Let it out. 



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