Addiction & Community: Joyful Networks Reduce Addiction-Based Behaviors

Article published at: Jul 3, 2023 Article author: Lily Michaud
Addiction & Community: Joyful Networks Reduce Addiction-Based Behaviors
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"Rat Park": Lessons on Community & Joyful Living

In the 1970's Dr Bruce Alexander did some studies on rats and addiction. He found that rats placed alone in a cage with a choice of water or water and drugs (cocaine or heroine) (and nothing else) would take drugs repeatedly until they died. If instead they were placed in a stimulating environment with other rats, still with access to the same substances, they did not use them very much.*

I am not into animal studies! But, one of my favorite discoveries came from a study where bunnies were force-fed high-fat diets. One group of bunnies had really positive health outcomes. What was the difference? Their researcher for that group of bunnies couldn't help but pet and love on them when they were feeding them. Love is strong medicine!

According to an article on this rabbit love study in the New York Post, "Chronic loneliness is as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, heavy alcohol use or obesity, as reported by a 2010 study in PLOS Medicine." Read it here. Yikes! 

Both studies really motivate one towards holistic living. Our bodies are not machines, and our relationships are vital to our well-being.

I have started a new, ongoing, blog about community building which has long been a passion of mine. According to the US surgeon general as many as half of adults are feeling lonely and like their existence has little meaning. For humans, having a fun and interesting life is also great for managing or avoiding falling into addiction. So, after you master your tobacco addiction, or whatever journey brought you here, stay connected to Brown Bear Herb to learn about healthier living, including understanding how your sense of community can be improved. This will help you and your people have better, healthier lives!

Read my latest post here

Let's work together to feel more connected. Please connect. I would love to share your resources about community building. If you are interested in doing work with herbs in your community, I can facilitate that through my position at Herbalists Without Borders.

Have a great day!




Balancing Family & Profession During This Moon

This full moon is in Capricorn on July 3rd. This astro report takes you through the next two weeks, til just prior to the full moon in Cancer on 7/17/23.

This full moon is likely to increase any sense of stress between the demands of family (Cancer, the current sun and Mercury placement) and that of your professional life (Capricorn, where the moon & Pluto are). You are likely to be communicating about it with Mercury along for the ride. Jupiter in Taurus supports the full moon bringing the potential for big positive shifts. The ruler of Capricorn is in Pisces, in retrograde. The aspect is also supportive. The energies will be best utilized for structuring areas related to secrets, sorrows, and self-sabotage (in the family/work arenas). Reflect on unsightly situations, things you may not want to admit (like addictions and undermining behaviors of all kinds), and be prepared to do the work to clear things up. Use the next two weeks to figure out ways to release or reduce these problems.

There is also quite a bit of tension between Mars and Venus in firey Leo and Uranus in Taurus for another week. These two energies feel chaotic together. The tension eases by the tenth.  To best use this time, find creative expression. Do some sort of art project or performance. Otherwise, you might find your self-expression (in the form of arguments or other communications) met with unsettling resistance.



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