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    My New Ciggies--Classic Sampler Pack

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      My New Ciggies--Classic Sampler Pack

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      This pack is perfect for trying our blends, always having the right cigarette for your mood, or making friends happy. Don't miss the little messages curled in the tip of each cigarette. Unroll the crutch (paper) after smoking. 

      This pack contains two of each of the following varieties. All herbs are organic and/or wildcrafted.

      Take it Easy: lobelia, catnip, skullcap, rose, and mullein. Herbs in this blend have been traditionally used to quit smoking and ease the nervous discomforts that can be experienced during nicotine withdrawal. It can also be helpful for headaches and relaxing physically.

      Gentle and Protective: raspberry leaf, mullein, and lavender. Can be a helpful alternative to traditional smokes for people who use tobacco for its protective properties. A smoking blend to promote a quiet, soothed spirit. It has a lovely smell.

      Sexy Smokes: damiana, blackberry leaf, hibiscus, rose, and mullein. A pleasure smoke. Damiana has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and some experience a mild buzz. Rose, hibiscus, and blackberry bring help give a grounded sensuality.

      Astral in Body: Mugwort, yarrow, blue vervein and mullein. Oddly this blend can be both soothing and wild! It works well as a solo smoke for moon rituals or softening intense lunar energies (eg full moon, eclipses). It's also a fun social smoke for when everyone is ready to shift to eccentric animated conversation: think fairies, extraterrestrial life, and general wackiness.

      Clear Mind: gotu kola, spearmint, linden, and mullein. This blend is our lightest smoke with a hint of mint. The mint is felt more than tasted. This blend is intended to clear and calm the mind so you are prepared for rest or action.


      Made in Portland, Oregon. 10 cigarettes per pack. This pack of cigarettes is made with love and inspiration. Each blend contains herb(s) to protect your lungs. The cigarettes are rolled in a blend of plant fibers that are natural and sustainable. 

      Because of legal restrictions this item does not ship to Louisiana. If you have this item in your cart and your address is in Louisiana, you will not be allowed to check out. 

      Brown Bear Herbs

      Our company was founded on the belief that it is possible to heal and transform anything. Herbal cigarettes to help break your addiction to tobacco? Yes.

      Herbal consultations and natural medicine to help empower you on your healing journey? Yes.

      Tools and resources to connect with and fortify your community. Yes!

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