Tobacco Flower essence for Quitting Tobacco?

Article published at: Jan 13, 2023 Article author: Lily Michaud
Tobacco Flower essence for Quitting Tobacco?
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This new bottle of energetic medicine is formulated for supporting the release of addictions. I have included essences of amethyst, lavender, tobacco, and gold, among others. These energies have been known for raising your vibration and working with addiction. Tobacco flower essence is known for helping with tobacco & marijuana dependency. Amethyst has long been used for alcohol sobriety. Let me know your experience with this new combination of elevated and centering essences.

Tobacco, really?

One major thing I have learned working with herbs for 20+ years is the importance of using the entire plant. If you develop side effects or allergies to an herb you can't or won't avoid, try using another part of the plant. I often do this with mullein. I have so much of the leaf in my life! If I feel imbalanced, I use mullein root oil or mullein flower essence and quickly feel better.  I have some problems with corn allergy, but find that using the corn silk in a tea, resolves the issues. With many experiences like this, it didn't surprise me at all to learn that tobacco flower essence has a great reputation for easing addictions.  One of the faults of modern science, is the desire to isolate the active compounds. A plant works best as a whole. It often contains remedies for problems that parts may create.

Nicotiana tabacum by Joachim Müllerchen

I find flower and gem essences to be very helpful for emotional and mental concerns. They have at times been life changing. For more info and experiences of flower and gem essence magic, click here!



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