New Year's Resolutions Check in 2019 and New Resolutions for 2020

Article published at: Jan 6, 2020 Article author: Lily Michaud
New Year's Resolutions Check in 2019 and New Resolutions for 2020
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Last year my New Year's resolution for the business was to move to all recycled and no plastics. I am excited to say that we have fulfilled this, except for our packing tape :) Our plastic sleeves were and continue to be compostable. Our packing paper and mailing boxes are recycled and now we have local source for them. Our cigarette packaging is recycled and locally printed. Our inserts and crutches are now printed on recycled paper too. I am feeling great about where we are at and, this next month or so, we will be trying out recyclable packing tape.

For 2020, my goals are to contribute more to conservation in order to offset the carbon footprint of my business. I am curious to learn exactly how much different environmental efforts affect the sustainability of our life on Earth. I participate in Portland Audubon's Backyard Habitat Program. Planting native plants and avoiding chemicals can really make a big difference.

Mother Earth is my number one source of medicine and healing knowledge. I love to be a participant in plant medicine healing. Each one of my blends is intended to truly help people at a deep level, instead of just a bandaid approach to quitting tobacco. They help plenty of people who enjoy smoking and aren't addicted to tobacco too--like me! I use all the blends at different times and really feel their benefit. Lately my favorite has been mixing Gentle & Protective roll your own with CBD flower. It has just a touch of light heartedness to it that I associate with the MJ plant in general, and really is a nice addition to the raspberry leaf, lavender and mullein for easing emotional stress.

I love to hear your experiences with my blends, herbs in general and Mother Earth. 



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