Catnip, it's for Cats and Humans

Article published at: Feb 9, 2020 Article author: Lily Michaud
Catnip, it's for Cats and Humans
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Here's what you need to know about the cat end of things: they love it and may very well destroy your Take it Easy smokes or anything else containing catnip. More scientifically, Catnip contains nepetalactone, this chemical causes euphoria, playfulness (sometimes aggressiveness) in some but not all cats. 

Why is Catnip a lovely herb for humans? Nepetalactone does not usually have as extreme as an effect on humans (though maybe we just need to try more of it). It does however, have a mildly sedating effect and can be helpful for headaches and insomnia.  Catnip is in our Take it Easy blend which contains other herbs that can be helpful for headaches (skullcap, lobelia, mullein) and for sleep too (skullcap). I have had quite a few reports of success using Take it Easy for sleep and headaches, in addition to it helping break nicotine addiction. I chose Catnip for this blend because it eases tension in our smooth muscles that line our digestive tract. Lobelia is also in Take it Easy and can sometimes cause nausea (and in larger doses can be used as an emetic). Lobelia is essential to this blend because it interacts with the same neuroreceptors as nicotine without being addictive. This makes your body feel like you've had your nic fix without perpetuating the addiction. I called upon Catnip prevent the potential effect.  Catnip is also wonderful in this blend because it gently soothing and helps relieve tension related to smoking cessation (and stress in general). 

Catnip is also in our Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea. This blend contains organic and/or wildcrafted chamomile, catnip, lemon verbena, and thyme (no caffeine). It is helpful for strength when facing nightmares--both in sleep and waking time. This tea blend is formulated for children of all ages (including our very own inner child). In addition to the above mentioned properties, catnip is great for bullies and/or bullied people. Drink up and watch for shifts to happen. 

My favorite part about Catnip? It makes me want to roll around in the sun. 

Have fun! 


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I am enjoying one of these excellent smokes as I write this, and I am feeling good. Thankyou BB Herbs!


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