Thyme (the tiniest warrior) and Immune Boosting herbs in light of the Coronavirus

Article published at: Mar 20, 2020 Article author: Lily Michaud
Thyme (the tiniest warrior) and Immune Boosting herbs in light of the Coronavirus
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Many people are very concerned about the coronavirus. If not for themselves, for their loved ones. The sense of mass hysteria is profound. The fear reaction is not helpful for disease resistence. With this is mind, I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite plant allies: Thyme!

Thyme, including lemon thyme, is one of those easily overlooked medicinal plants. It is also one most people have in their cooking herb stash. This is particularly good news since lots of herbs and food and definitely tp is sold out everywhere!

Historically (and even in present day) it has many uses that relate to life or death situations. It has been used for many respiratory illness including whooping cough (it does tend to be more for wet coughs than dry coughs like coronavirus), for MRSA, for nightmares, and to prepare for the battlefield. 

In my experience, using it for nightmares, and for H1N1 flu (for myself and my family) I suspect that its affinity is for making life or death situations managable--this particularly makes sense for the battlefield prep. It does not seem to have the ability to make the problems go away, but instead it seems to shift the mind or body into feeling like these situations are approachable. The situation is dire but it is possible to proceed in a way that will address the problem. Being centered instead of overwhelmed is vital. 

I encourage you to take some of my thyme tincture or make some thyme tea. Do this whether you are sick or worried about the spread/harmful effects of the virus. Observe yourself as you ingest it and know you have the strength within to handle whatever you are confronted with.  

Other herbs for immune boosting: elder berry, elder flower and astragalus.  Discontinue elder if you suspect you are sick with the coronavirus. Discontinue astragalus if you get sick at all. Astragalus is great for boosting the immune system but, is said to drive illnesses in deeper. 

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