My Four Favorite Weeds--Demand Thriving, Share your Medicine

Article published at: Aug 21, 2021 Article author: Lily Michaud
blackberry plant
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My favorite weeds are Lady's Thumb, Blackberry, Hawthorn and Wild Rose (not exactly thought of as a weed but, it grows with such vigor and thorniness maybe it should have that honor).

These herbs are wonderful for enjoying life even through hardship. Weeds are amazing examples of undiscovered medicine and robust life. If you have been treated like a weed you might want to share your hard earned medicine and give yourself some recognition for thriving in spite of it all.


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Wildcrafted Lady's Thumb tincture

Blackberry in Sexy Smokes

Rose in Sexy Smokes, Take it Easy organic herbal smoking blend, Tulsi and Rose tea (no longer available in 2024), Blood and Boundaries bath, wild rose in Color Wheel flower and gem essence, and Hawthorn in Humanity tea.


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