What Happens When You Smoke Linden?

Article published at: Nov 30, 2018 Article author: Lily Michaud
What Happens When You Smoke Linden?
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Can you smoke Linden? Yes, you can smoke linden, it is a gentle herb. Linden is an herb to cherish. I loved researching it because everyone wrote such sweet things about it, like: "it gladdens your heart," "a hug in a mug," (tea) a "great herb for at the end of a stressful or disappointing day" and... per Robin Rose Bennett, "Linden opens the emotional and spiritual heart… linden has a divinely inspired way of opening you to the bliss of your true multidimensional nature." I think I want to merge with this herb! Historically linden has been used for health problems related to anxiety, such as insomnia, anxiety, hyperactivity, etc. 


Most of my experience with it comes from my Clear Mind herbal smoking blend with mullein, spearmint, linden, as well as Gotu Kola, Spearmint, and Mullein. I find this blend to be super clarifying. When we initially tested this blend everyone sat up with their spine erect and said they were feeling in the zone mentally and energetically. I loved it! To me, it has a meditative energy. The herbs play nicely together, working to calm & cool emotions, focus energy towards your goal (whether that is a contemplative moment of working on an art project or maybe something less fun but necessary like tax prep). 

Many of our customers who love MJ are also big fans of Clear Mind Herbal Cigarettes. Why? First of all, mary jay is drying, and linden is moistening. After a while, a steady habit of smoking pot can leave your body dry and nerves a bit frazzled. Adding Linden to your self-care routine can help balance this out. Historically it has been seen as a very safe herb for regular use. Clear Mind smoking blend facilitates clearing mental haze when it is time to be more focused. I hear so much love for this blend from our mary jay smoking customers that if you like M-J I recommend you give this blend a try.  If you are smoking Mary-J for stress relief, it may be nice to smoke linden or drink it as a tea as an extra helper. It is always nice to have more tools in your self-care toolbox. It sounds lovely to me right now :)

I also recommend this Clear Mind as an alternative to tobacco for those who smoke to "get into the zone" for work &/or creative time. When you are feeling the exciting, inspiring, and perhaps wildly expansive new moon in Sagittarius energy, try some linden and tell us how it affected your experience. How did it feel? Did it help you focus that Sag energy? I love hearing about your herbal experiences; it's a great way to learn about plant medicine.

Because it is lucky, linden is also in our Lady Luck blend, which you can find amongst our seasonally available cigarettes


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Can someone who has never smoked try herbal cigarettes or are they only for people who already smoke weed/tobacco?


I don’t think of it as a common sleep herb but…that is not to say that it wouldn’t work for you. If it is the right herb for you it can solve many problems.
You could also take a look at our sleep remedies (tinctures and teas).
Feel free to contact me via email if you would like an herbal consultation for this issue or others.


Clear mind was originally intended to be smoked. You can also prepare any of our blends as a tea.


Is the Clear Mind blend meant to be smoked or do you make tea with the blend? Can it be smoked?

Aldino Cellini

I am so glad I found you guys…yay!!!
Recently Linden came up for me to help me with my insomnia….also verben.

I am interested in Linden also because I have being going through my akashic records and have found that my astral travel has been blocked. Which is why many times I wake up exhausted.
I am taking a pharmaseutical called trazadone for sleep. It is non addictive but I would really like to get off of it………I just have real problems with my sleep.
Could this open up my astral traveling at night and in what dosage should I take?
Thank you so much…I just discovered the mystical district and have a feeling I may come see you guys a lot. Grateful for your existence here……peace…..Tre Tre

Tracy Myers

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