The Magic and Mystery of Yarrow

Article published at: Nov 19, 2018 Article author: Lily Michaud
The Magic and Mystery of Yarrow
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Astral in Body is made with Mugwort, Yarrow, Blue Vervain, and Mullein. Yarrow is a potent herb. It is excellent for the blood and strengthening your defenses against the flu. It also helps heal holes in your energetic field, which is particularly important if you enjoy using mind-altering substances, which can leave you more open to other energies coming in. If you partake, yarrow could be beneficial to include in your health maintenance routine.

Yarrow's effects can vary from subtle giddiness or mild mood alteration to euphoria (most often when made into a beer), this seems to be related to the thujone that some yarrow contains. 

Historically, Yarrow was used by those consulting the I Ching, so it also has a long-standing reputation for aiding divination. Combined with mugwort (also containing thujone), Astral in Body makes for an exciting smoke for the more sensitive folx out there. Thujone is not appropriate for prolonged use (another reason for this smoke's seasonal availability).

Text, drive, and operate machinery with care with this smoke!

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