Exploring the Connection between Mugwort and the Moon

Article published at: Dec 11, 2018 Article author: Lily Michaud
Exploring the Connection between Mugwort and the Moon
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Throughout history, it's been noted that mugwort's properties grow in strength along with the moon's phases. This herb is known to promote dreams of clarity and of the natural world. It also tends to make people feel more ethereal. 

When the moon is new, the effects of mugwort may hardly seem noticeable. When the moon is full, mugwort can create so much brightness during dreamtime, that you may feel like you are actually awake &/or wake and have insomnia. These effects vary based on your sensitivity, so be sure to find out what feels good to you! Experiment with mugwort starting around the quarter or trine moon and adjust from there. Our "Astral in Body" blend is the perfect place to begin your exploration!

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