Healing Trauma with Sexy Smokes

Article published at: Dec 18, 2018 Article author: Lily Michaud
Healing Trauma with Sexy Smokes
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The origin of Sexy Smokes

When I first started making smoking blends, people asked me to make one with Damiana. Damiana is a popular smoking herb, historically used as an aphrodisiac. People seek out aphrodisiacs for numerous reasons. Sometimes folx just want to feel more sexual because sex is fun! Maybe they aren't feeling sexual enough because of health issues, stress or other people's opinions.

To make the Sexy Smokes herbal smoking blend more holistic and healthy, I added in herbs to promote grounding & healing from trauma (blackberry and hibiscus). I also included rose to help support emotional healing and heart-healthy sexual decision making. Mullein is always there is my smoking blends to protect those lungs. The combined effect is an experience of enjoyment that tends to be more grounded and embodied than, say, the loss of inhibitions and freeing of sexual expression one might experience from alcohol or mj.

Properties of Hibiscus that I love and value
This plant works to unblock the first and second chakras. It has been known to help release long-held scars from sexual trauma. This plant can also help unwind bound up creative forces within the womb area and facilitate creative and sexual flow.

My first experience with Hibiscus
I took hibiscus and tuned into its medicine for the first time when I was having some trouble dealing with body image issues and connecting to my sexuality after the birth of my daughter. I was uncomfortable with my post-baby belly: once flat and smooth, it had become soft and flabby.

While in deep meditation, I felt the beautiful reds and fuschia colors of this plant in my pelvis and was visited by a bear. This female bear had a soft and loose belly, too. Feeling connected with this amazing bear energy reminded me that we are animals also. We are animals that use our bodies to have fun, to have pleasure, to create life--and so many other things besides looking hot! I loved bringing my daughter into the world, and it no longer seemed necessary to love my body less for doing so. My belly is still soft and mushy, but now I love it. My valuation of myself and sense of pleasure transitioned to being more internal. I LOVED this experience.

"Pink Viagra"
There are many reasons why a so-called "pink viagra" is desired for women. Sexy Smokes are fun for all genders but, I had women's needs in the forefront of my mind when creating this blend. Sexy Smokes are intended to do more than get you "in the mood." They are intended to be healing, so we can experience some of the more pleasant aspects of our animal body. Some experience these smokes as relaxing or having a mild buzz, others experience sexual arousal, but almost everyone says they feel more grounded and confident. I don't know how you can feel ready and excited about sexy time (solo or whatever!) without that.

Happy grounding!


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It is great to hear your experience. I am in love with so many medicines. I am glad you are enjoying bears, hibiscus and especially learning to love yourself more completely—it is the BEST medicine.


I love this blog..so interesting..some points i can really relate and have a full overstanding of the emotions that can be brought with these herbs. just purchased a set of the sexy smokes and i can’t wait to experience the unknown

Belinda Pompey

Thanks so much for sharing your story! I felt the same way about my post c-section belly. After reading this, I meditated on the hibiscus flowers energizing my belly too! You really brought it home when you talked about the Bear visitation, and how comfortable animals are in their skin : ) You’re SO Right! It really is unhealthy the way we have been conditioned in this modern era to reject the beauty of change! Especially after Creating Life! I’m really embracing your lovely story. Thanks again!
P.S. I also have had lots of Bear “visits”, dreams, especially during long periods of recuperation. They are Wonderful Teachers and Allies! : )


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