Take It Easy and Sexy Smokes Customer Review

Article published at: May 17, 2018 Article author: Lily Michaud
Take It Easy and Sexy Smokes Customer Review
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Take it Easy and Sexy Smokes are both very grounding smoking blends but in very different way. I find that Take it Easy is physically relaxing and gets me out of my head. Whereas Sexy Smokes brings earthy, sensual and fluid feelings. They are pictured with red quartz and red tiger's eye for added rooty feels. Here's what our customer writes: 

"I just received my second order from you.  I love everything about it—from the beautifully hand-written postcard to the herbal blends themselves, both of which are so joyful, so perfect, so delightful.

My husband is using TAKE IT EASY to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. He’s been smoking a pack a day for 40 years—but none for the past 72 hours—and he can’t believe how easy it has been. The others times he tried to quit, he was never able to last a single day.

 Meanwhile, we’re both using SEXY SMOKES to soften the impact of our medicinal mary jay, which sometimes makes us anxious, with racing hearts and whatnot. Wow! What a difference! Now we feel calm and strong and able to get lots of stuff done—no goofiness nor laziness. We’ve also tried it, all by itself, prior to intimacy. Sexy! Sensual! Astounding! Another brilliant product."

-S. Sullivan, Hamilton, Ontario 



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P.S. Love the work you guys produce over there at brownbearherbs.com!

- Anastasia

Anastasia Waters

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