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    Ruby Gem Essence

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      Ruby Gem Essence

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      This product is a gem essence of Ruby.  This essence was a subject of our Plant Meditation Club, reveal date: 2/8/24. Read about experiences in the comments here.


      This essence gave vary different experiences! I can report an experience that was very affirming, validating reasons to be confident and feeling like the person is making progress in their life. The feeling of strength, fire, and courage was associated with this. 

      Another person experienced the essence telling them it could resolve their misophonia (hypersensitive with physiological response to specific noises, like coughing, chewing, different for different people), but, overall would increase sensitivity to noise. 

      Another experience of being surrounded by pleasant animals.


      Historical Use and Beliefs:

      Used to help increase energy/qi, combat lethargy. 

      Associated with fire and the sun, courage, royalty, vitality.

      Sheilding energy which also helps reduce fear of paranormal or evil influences.

      Used during sex to promote closeness and commitment. It has the ability to moderate sexuality--bringing more vitality to loving, faithful relationships and develop sensuality and mystical union. It also can be used to temper excess or inappropriately directed sexual behaviors. 

      Physically it is used for heart health, menstrual health, the blood and lymph. 

      Recommended administration: add 5 drops to a liter of water and sip throughout the day. You can also take one drop on top of the tongue daily or as needed. *

      This is an alcohol preserved gem essence, as are all our tinctures and essences. If you have sensitivity to alcohol be advised. The amount of alcohol per serving is less than is in a banana or yoghurt. 


      *Contains: Ruby gem essence in water and alcohol for a preservative (local brandy). 


      0.5 fl oz.


      These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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