Ruby Gem Essence, Reveal Date: 2/8/24

Article published at: Feb 3, 2024 Article author: Lily Michaud
Ruby Gem Essence, Reveal Date: 2/8/24
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This week's meditation was on Ruby gem essence.* More on experiences and properties of this essence tomorrow, I am in the middle of a move and got a little behind on this. Thank you so much for your comments.

This was our first meditation on a gem and/or flower essence. Based on the experiences described by our group, I feel it is worth exploring taking the essence over a day or so and observing the experiential shifts that occur.



This essence gave vary different experiences! I can report an experience that was very affirming, validating reasons to be confident and feeling like the person is making progress in their life. The feeling of strength, fire, and courage was associated with this. 

Another person experienced the essence telling them it could resolve their misophonia (hypersensitive with physiological response to specific noises, like coughing, chewing, different for different people), but, overall would increase sensitivity to noise. 

Another experience of being surrounded by pleasant animals.


Historical Use and Beliefs:

Used to help increase energy/qi, combat lethargy. 

Associated with fire and the sun, courage, royalty, vitality.

Sheilding energy which also helps reduce fear of paranormal or evil influences.

Used during sex to promote closeness and commitment. It has the ability to moderate sexuality--bringing more vitality to loving, faithful relationships and develop sensuality and mystical union. It also can be used to temper excess or inappropriately directed sexual behaviors. 

Physically it is used for heart health, menstrual health, the blood and lymph. 



In general the way that gemstones communicate is quite different than plantlife. I find it more tonal and see it providing energetic gridlike structures, compared to plants that understand experiences of having organs and being more susceptable to the elements. Some of my best experiences with gemstones involved working with them over several months and internalizing or joining our wisdom, for example with Lemurian seed crystals, or jasper. This is not appropriate for all gemstones. In one case I developed a hemangioma where I wore carnelian, which promotes blood flow. This Ruby gem essence warrants further exploration. If you begin experimenting with it, delve into it further, or have previous experiences with this gemstone or essence, please share below. I am particularly interested in seeing how effective Ruby can be for people with misophonia. Was it particular to the participant's dynamic or can this be helpful in general? If you have misophonia I encourage you to share your experience with this remedy to build collective knowledge for easing this situation of dis-ease. 


*Note, in response to Joanne's comment: I did not make this essence and given how similar ruby and garnet can look it is possible garnet could be mistaken for ruby. 

Plant Meditation Club information is based on meditation not scientific research. Historical use of plants and/or gem essences is also discussed. These posts are intended to share about personal experimentation with essences that contain only energies no matter from plant or gem. This post is in no way intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases or conditions. If you experiment with Plant or Gemstone Meditation you do so at your own risk. 


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