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    Nightmare Relief Spell Pillow

      Brown Bear Herbs

      Nightmare Relief Spell Pillow

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      This pillow is filled with herbs traditionally used to ward off evil/bad dreams. After working the herbs I feel they have more to offer than that.

      The pillow smells savory/herby, NOT floral. The flower magic is in there too though. Set and intention and imagine negative energies bouncing off your energetic field while you sleep.  

      Organic and/or wildcrafted: Blue vervein, hawthorn, thyme, wood betony, rose, and lavender. 

      Other tips: keep a pair of scissors under the bed, if you have a bad dream snip it off, so it can’t come into waking time.

      Other products to help make dreamtime better: Sweet Dreams Tea and Trauma Recovery Support flower and gem essence.

      Not an eye pillow. 

      Tell us your experiences. 

      Approx 4.5 x 6.5”, size varies

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