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Article published at: May 2, 2019 Article author: Lily Michaud
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Rose is such a beautiful medicine. It has many healing properties that benefit the physical body. However I put it in two of my blends, Sexy Smokes and Take it Easy, for it's ability to redirect energy to the heart and to heal and support the heart more on an emotional and energetic level. Want to sample both? Try our sampler pack:


In the case of Take it Easy, a blend made for people who tend to smoke tobacco a lot, both the physical and energetic heart have been damaged by the repeated smoking. The energy of the rose strengthens us, supports emotional equilibrium, helping us to feel safe. It can be supportive for grief and sadness as well as daily stress and support realignment of the heart chakra after smoking so much. 

In Sexy Smokes I wanted to balance the aphrodisiac effects of damiana and compliment the grounding quality of blackberry leaf by bringing energy into the heart to support positive decisions with the pleasant sensuality the herbs in this blend can inspire. 

The beauty of rose is not just in the gorgeous blooms and fragrance, it is also in the thorns. My favorite heart remedies have thorns. I believe that herbs heal us by teaching our bodies their wisdom. It is the very protection of these thorns that can give a person the security to truly be their most beautiful self. All admirers: approach with respect and care. 


Excerpted from our May 2, 2019 newsletter.


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