Giving up Tobacco--Margaux Muller

Article published at: Apr 6, 2017 Article author: Lily Michaud
Giving up Tobacco--Margaux Muller
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Margaux quit smoking tobacco using Brown Bear Herbs herbal cigarettes. Here is her experience.

How long did you smoke and how much per day? I smoked for 6 years, 2-3 cigarettes per day.

What were your smoking habits?  I loved the oral fixation of smoking, I mainly  smoked in the car, smoking alone or with friends out at a bar. It was more of a social thing. Working in the service industry, any excuse to go outside was worth the fresh breath of air. Instead, I would use cigarettes to cope, almost as if I couldn't face my true self.

How long have you been off tobacco? It's been 2 1/2 years now. It makes me feel better knowing of herbs that are my friends to smoking instead of tobacco...if I ever get the craving :)

What kind(s) of Brown Bear Smokes did you find most helpful for quitting smoking? My favorite Brown Bear Smokes are Take it Easy and Gentle & Protective - sometimes I would buy the sampler pack, I like variety.  I would switch off and on with the pre-rolls or the roll-it-yourself bulk blends. The pre-rolls were perfect for social smoking.  With the tins - I like the idea of putting in work to roll your own beautiful herbal cigarette, this also made me focus on why I was choosing to smoke. I also liked seeing and touching the herbs I was going to smoke.

Did you smoke classics and if so did you enjoy the crutch messages? The messages in the smokes are perfect. Especially when I was having a weird day - it's truly uplifting to see such a beautiful message. It's like Snapple, but way better and more mystical. When I smoke the Take it Easy, I actually feel at ease. I also like to buy the blend in the tins and mix the herbs in with ganja.

How many of our herbal cigarettes did/do you smoke a day/week? All I needed was one per day. When I was weening myself off tobacco, the herbal smokes were my go-to. I like to stretch them out, I probably smoke one total per day, but I'd light it at a couple different points during the day.

How did smoking Brown Bear Herbs change your attitude to smoking?  I felt a deep connection to tobacco, it was one of the hardest things to quit. Tobacco is one of the four sacred plants. It represents the Eastern Direction and the mind. It's one of the most powerful offerings, being used to pray and protect our families from harm. I needed something to help me quit, Brown Bear smokes were exactly what I needed at the time. These smokes not only allow you to help break a dirty habit, they allow you to go further into self and connect with who you truly are. My lungs, my mind, and my heart are much clearer and happier.  

Would you recommend Brown Bear Herbs smokes to other people? For what? Yes of course, for quitting smoking and if they just want to try something new for connecting with self. The smokes are perfect for relaxing as well. The blend with catnip sometimes makes me sleepy :)


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