Lady Luck Herbal Smoking Blend is Back!

Article published at: Oct 13, 2023 Article author: Lily Michaud
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Our luckiest herbal smoking blend is back! Each Lady Luck pack is filled with herbs that have been historically used to improve luck. And...each pack purchase makes a charitable donation to help spread the luck. Buy a pack of these seasonally available herbal cigarettes here when they are in stock. 

Lady Luck Vibes: 

* wiggle out from in between that rock and hard place

^ joyful, joyful, we are joyful

* honoring the past, the good and the bad, gives space for new growth

^ gratitude is the abundance attitude

* support your sisters -- 20% of each pack helps girls get an education

When women and girls are treated with respect and given opportunities, the whole world benefits. It even helps with global warming :). In many areas of the world girls are still forced into early marriage and not given basic survival education, like literacy and swimming skills. This means it can be very hard to make a living or survive a flood as a girl or woman. Sometimes America sucks really bad for females, but we have a lot of advantages that hardworking activists won us access to. Fortunately, even small donations to support educating girls in developing countries make a big difference.

Light our lucky smokes up with a clear conscious & have hope for the future. You'll be paying it forward before you even open your pack. Then tune into the herbs and allow yourself to open to more positive energies. 




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