Lady Luck Herbal Smoking Blend

Article published at: Jul 26, 2020 Article author: Lily Michaud
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Meet our new seasonal organic herbal smoking blend.

It's our very own take on a lucky smoke.  Until now the only "lucky" smokes out there were made with tobacco to ensnare you in addiction. This only brings luck to Big Tobacco, an industry built on hatred and oppression. In our lucky herbal smoking blend we use herbs that have been traditionally used to enhance luck. The message is one of spreading abundance, not hoarding it.

Each pack contains ten hand made smokes, each with a tiny inspiring message rolled up at the tip.

All herbs are organic &/or wildcrafted: Pearly Everlasting, Agrimony, Linden and Mullein.

Lady Luck ingredientes, hierbas orgánicas y/o cosechado salvaje: gordolobo, agrimonia, tilo y anaphalis margaritacea (latin).

$5 from each pack goes to help educate girls via the Malala Fund.


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