Lady Luck!

Article published at: Sep 8, 2019 Article author: Lily Michaud
Lady Luck!
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Meet our new seasonal organic herbal smoking blend. It's my very own take on a lucky smoke. Until now the only "lucky" smokes out there were made with tobacco to ensnare you in addiction, which really only brings luck to the tobacco industry. In our blend we use herbs that have been traditionally used to enhance luck & the message of spreading the wealth.

Each pack contains ten hand rolled smokes, each with a tiny inspiring message rolled up at the tip.

All herbs are organic &/or wildcrafted: Pearly Everlasting, Agrimony, Linden and Mullein.

Lady Luck is traditionally portrayed as a hot babe who is bringing the bounty. What's luckier than a hot lady on your arm? An educated female. According to The Draw Down the impact of increasing education to girls worldwide would have a huge positive influence on climate change. Read the article for more insight. So we thought, what better way to support Mother Earth and bring luck to ourselves than to pay it forward by helping girls worldwide have more access to education.


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