Herbal Smoking Blends and Their Uses, Interview with England's NIMH

Article published at: Mar 17, 2024 Article author: Lily Michaud
Photographer: Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz Subject: Verbascum thapsus in Żelisławiec near Szczecin, NW Poland
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Below is my recent interview with Alison Morton of England's National Institute of Medical Herbalists regarding the smoking herbs. National Institute of Medical Herbalists, or NIMH, is England's primary professional organization for clinical herbalists. I loved making this across the pond connection and learning more about this organization of herbalists. 

As I always say my herbal smoking blends are a risk-reduction method for tobacco cessation. Occasional smoking of non-addictive herbs is far better than habitual consumption of addictive, chemical filled cigarettes (produced by big tobacco). Our herbal smoking blends are made with organic and/or wildcrafted (and tested) herbs. This article appeared in their Spring 2024 edittion of their Power of Plants magazine. Learn more about England's National Institute of Medical Herbalists here.


NIMH Article: Lily Arati Michaud, Power of Plants, Smoking Herbs, England's National Institute of Medical Herbalists

NIMH Interview


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