Gentle & Protective Customer Review

Article published at: Jul 28, 2018 Article author: Lily Michaud
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The customer experience below is so in-line with my own experiences with the blend. Gentle & Protective is made with Raspberry leaf, Lavender and Mullein, it is soft and mellow. It is pictured with lepidolite and amethyst, both of which have soothing qualities. Filtered is a super light smoke so some prefer our classics, for the stronger smoke, with this blend.
"I read about the different herbal cigarettes Brown Bear Herbs that are for sale and I ended up buying Gentle and Protective (filtered but I think I'd go with the regular ones next time). I'm not a smoker typically, but I wanted to try these as a way to relax, on occasion. I mean, I've hit my limit of stress and I am DONE "occasionally".
I ended up trying one shortly after purchasing them and it was so calming- as things with lavender tend to be, but it seems more immediate in this form than a tea (though I love tea)- and just took the edge off everything that was going on.
Almost a month later, just yesterday at the time of writing this, I needed to take some time in the morning to really relax, focus, and "be here" because I had something very stressful scheduled for later in that day. So, I decided to try my second Gentle and Protective. I went somewhere private and quiet and sat down, and basically started meditatively smoking. It was fantastic. It was not only calming but it was also...a feeling of being safe? I totally understand the "protective" part of the name now! I felt like I was being wrapped in a blanket, that kind of feeling. Not only that but, even once leaving my quiet place, the feeling remained.
I went out and tackled my day and I'm just so impressed with how consistent and enveloping the Gentle and Protective feeling was. Another thing I'm impressed with is that, since these aren't addictive, I really am not picking up a habit. It wasn't a situation where I smoked one, felt calm, then the feeling ended and I needed another one. It served its purpose and now, will I smoke another in a week? a month? who knows? (maybe not what you want as the person selling them since it means less money but I have a feeling that isn't what this company is about anyway). I just really wanted to share this little experience I've had so far, and also that they smell really good! So, thank you!"
-NB (Ontario, Canada)

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