Dreams and Manifesting Change

Article published at: Dec 4, 2021 Article author: Lily Michaud
dreams and manifesting change
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It can sometimes seem overwhelming to think of how one person can make a difference with all the problems in the world today.  By lucidly dreaming or even through dreams of clarity you can gain solutions to obstacles--from health issues to auto mechanics. Check out the Sleep, Dreams and Magic section of the shop for teas and more information. 

Though dream work is delightful and inspiring, creating a better world in the waking time takes hard work and determination. 

Brown Bear Herbs started working with Baja Mandala, an organic farm in Baja California Sur a couple years ago. Hoping to expand our collaboration with the farm, I took a visit. 

I was so happy with what I found. In addition to super cool organic farming techniques I discovered the team had clean and healthy working conditions, fair wages, year round housing and medical insurance.  In addition to good working conditions, their side project: Los Sagrados horse sanctuary, is really heart warming. The sanctuary is a source of healing for horses, many of whom have been ill-treated. The horse rescue also offers healing to humans. Los Sagrados offers a space for mindfulness work with the horses for victims of domestic violence, neurodivergent folks, and at risk youths. Beyond workplace rights this is a place for workers and family members (as well as those in the community at large) who are ready to receive healing through mindfulness and serving the rescue horses. 

Here is me with my favorite buddies, Pluto (my #1) and Cosmos. 

I am so excited to be working with Baja Mandala (@bajamandala) and Los Sagrados (@lossagradoshorserescue). I applaud them for doing the hard work to better their community. If you are seeing healing progress in your world, please share the beauty you are witnessing.


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