Clear Mind Herbal Cigarattes for Creatives, Contemplatives and MJ fans

Article published at: Apr 3, 2024 Article author: Lily Michaud
This is a color photograph of a living spearmint plant. Spearmint in Clear Mind herbal cigarettes makes it a lovely alternative to menthol cigarettes. Shop Brown Bear Herbs
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Our Clear Mind herbal smoking blend is super light. It is popular as a stage smoke. Brown Bear Herbs' Clear Mind was used in the movie Oppeheimer, among other films. This blend was formulated to help artists and writers who smoke while they work. Since the herbs in it are supportive for focus, this herbal cigarette is a favorite for easing ADHD and anxiety symptoms (per customer reviews). Clear Mind herbal cigarettes, or our Clear Mind roll your own smoking herbal smoking blend, is centering and clarifying for contemplative moments.

We use organic and/or wildcrafted and tested herbs in our products. The spearmint in Clear Mind makes it a lovely alternative for those trying to get off of menthol cigarettes.


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