Astral in Body, Take it Easy and True to You Review

Article published at: Mar 28, 2021 Article author: Lily Michaud
astral in body, take it easy, and true to you cig packs
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Pics and review reposted from trembletongue on Tumblr. 

Astral in Body classic, Take it Easy Filtered and True to You Filtered--image of front of the packs.

Astral in Body classic, Take it Easy Filtered and True to You Filtered--image of backs of the packs.

Open pack of Astral in Body with crutch message that reads "Moon mind."

Image of our vintage postcards with a button that says "Be free and be brave"

Back side of our vintage postcard. We write little note to eveyone.

"I’ve been smoking these herbal cigarettes when I miss tobacco and although they’re a little pricey it’s totally worth it. Just tried the astrals for the first time and halfway through my smoke it instantly healed all the body exhaustion that has kept me in bed with nausea and weakness all morning and afternoon. Now I feel like I can finally enjoy the day. The second pack are my favorite for when I go to shows and the last ones are good to have with nighttime tea. At this point I’ve tried all their “moods” and have loved every single one. This company is run by some awesome women in Portland, OR and they always send notes with my packages, which take about two days to arrive. They have all kinds of different blends for different moods and intentions, and are all crafted with careful attention to those who participate in herbal/earth magic. They sell other useful witchy/earthy products and zines but this is what brought me to Brown Bear a few months ago. Oh, and the non-filtered ones have a fortune-cookie-like note in the butt that you can unwrap when you finish. The friends I have let hit these have compared the smoking sensation to sage or weed, and I would say these taste much much much better than tobacco cigarettes, which since quitting many months ago taste terrible to me and dry my mouth out. And I only smoke these when the mood hits- sometimes only once every three days, sometimes a few in one day. But they’re not addictive, so I only smoke when I want to. Smoking with freedom!"


Thanks trembletongue! I am so glad you enjoy our organic herbal smoking blends. We are a little slow on the up take over here but, sending gratitude. 



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