Are Herbal Cigarettes Okay for You? Brown Bear Herbs vs Big Tobacco

Article published at: Oct 29, 2023 Article author: Lily Michaud
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Many cultures include the use of burned herbs as part of their spirit work and/or for health. Some examples include the use of burned herbs to heal victims of leprosy in India. Digestion was often compromised by the disease, smoke inhalation allowed treatment that would not have worked otherwise. A large pile of herbs would be burned, patients sat around it, passively inhaling herbs. In Indigenous traditions in the United States, mullein was historically smoked to help with lung conditions including bronchitis and asthma. In my practice as an herbalist, I have seen smoking mullein work wonders in pneumonia cases. Smoking is demonized in our culture because we mostly think of traditional tobacco products, and there are many reasons to be against mainstream tobacco smoking. Per the CDC, tobacco "smoking remains the leading cause of preventable disease, disability, and death in the United States". 

What's in big tobacco products: 

Short answer: the energy of severe exploitation of laborers and thousands of harmful chemicals. The tobacco industry was built on the backs of slave laborers and currently, in the US, exploits child labor (usually age 11 and up, often latinx immigrants), to harvest tobacco cheaply. Here is a link to a video on the subject from Human Rights Watch, or read more here. Laws designed to support family farming, allow child agricultural labor in the US. Children harvesting tobacco leaves receive high doses of pesticides and nicotine through their skin, particularly in rainy or humid weather which is common in the South where many tobacco farms are. This leads to dizziness, vomiting, and other symptoms while working in the field. In addition to a legacy of inhumane production practices, Big Tobacco has added chemicals to making their products more toxic and more addictive, consistently valuing profit over human impact. According to the American Lung Association, "There are approximately 600 ingredients in (big tobacco) cigarettes. When burned, cigarettes create more than 7,000 chemicals." Learn more here.

What's in our herbal cigarettes, and smoking blends: 

The short answer: organic and/or wildcrafted herbs. Our herbal smoking blends are made with no additives! They contain no tobacco, no nicotine, no marijuana, no thc and no cbd. I get some people who don't believe me, but I promise it is true. All our ingredients are disclosed on the packaging, unlike many popular herbal cigarette brands. Our papers do not contain any chemicals to enhance burning. Because of this our cigarettes may burn a little funny from time to time, but, you can rest assured you are avoiding thousands of chemicals that are known to be terrible for your health! Tip: Light the full tip of our herbal cigarettes evenly for a better burn. So far we have been unable to source a totally organic rolling paper, because the chemical glue technology does not yet exist to keep the cigarettes from opening up in changing temperatures and moisture levels. To avoid all chemicals use a pipe. Our herbs are organic and/or wildcrafted and have been tested to make sure they do not contain chemicals or heavy metals.

Best of all:

Our smoking blends are not addictive. They are formulated with herbs to support you as you quit tobacco. If you smoke our herbal cigarettes you enjoy smoking some supportive herbs as you break your addiction to nicotine. The herbs can help with:

• Physical stress and nicotine withdrawal symptoms--Take it Easy

• Emotional stress--Gentle and Protective

• Confidence and grounding (including post-trauma)--Sexy Smokes

• Social smoking, and additive tendencies in general--The Social

• Anxiety and focus--Clear Mind

and more :) 

Figure out what you would like support with that had you reaching for tobacco. Then try our smokes instead. Our herbal cigarettes offer less risk than traditional cigarettes since they are chemical-free and non-addictive. Transition to being in power over your smoking habits. It's not good to inhale any kind of smoke routinely. All smoke contains tar and fire produces carbon monoxide upon ignition, this includes campfires and barbeque. When you are addiction-free, and empowered by the herbal allies in our blends, you can smoke occasionally, like when you are stressed or in a social situation, or just want a little ritual time. Invest in your future health, and stock up. If you already have "quitter" status, congratulate yourself. Even so, keep a pack on hand in case of a moment of weakness. It is far better to have a lower-risk smoking option on hand than to end up grabbing a harmful pack of tobacco cigarettes made by people who sold their souls to the devil.


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