An Astrological Call to Action: Full Moon in Aries and Pluto Moving Direct

Article published at: Sep 28, 2023 Article author: Lily Michaud
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The time right after the full moon is the best time to initiate "weeding" activities. That time is now. The moon is at its fullest on September 29th 6am EST. What is this metaphorical weeding I am referring to? Look at areas of your life related to the themes of the full moon. In this case, the moon is in Aries, the sign of the fighter, adventurer, and entrepreneur. This is a very independent energy. Is it time to celebrate these qualities in yourself? Is it also time to weed out some things holding you back from independence or aspects of your independence that you don't love? Now is the optimal time to set these intentions.

Full Moon in Aries, September 29, 2023. Pluto moving direct October 11, 2023. You Astrological update

This full moon in Aries is extra fighty in feel because the ruler, Mars, is conjunct the South Node in Libra, and the North Node, in Aries, is conjunct Eris. Eris is one of the largest known dwarf planets (about the same size as Pluto). Archetypally she is related to the fighting feminine. This energy is willing to go to any length for the fight she believes in, including violence. Does it feel different to hear of a female archetype up for a fight, as opposed to a male archetype that is a fighter (eg Mars)?  Eris is down for any amount of direct action necessary. As this energy is tied up with the North Node, collectively we are feeling this pull. We are ready to fight for what is right, particularly in relation to the feminine. We are not happy with the reproductive rights restrictions placed on women. We are horrified by the abhorrent idea that the life of a cluster of cells is of more value than a full-grown woman for some lawmakers and enforcers. We are appalled the law can be used to support rapists, domestic abusers, and those who inflict harm on children. If it happens out of sight, such as in-home abuse and most sex crimes, it is often twisted into a mark against the victims. The United Nations has begun to stand up about these issues. The UN is standing up to court systems globally. In the Unites States, and around the world, the current practices give men ownership rights over women and children even in cases of severe abuse and rape, even with tons of evidence. This is a common practice worldwide, which leaves women and children with nowhere in the world to find refuge. This should not be seen as a surprise given the atrocious abortion laws we are seeing pop up. These laws around abuse could technically be used to hurt any victim who reports abuse.  However, the law (read the police, judges, and others who act with impunity) is typically used to harm victims along traditional bias lines, impacting women, children, and minorities most negatively. Who are these laws benefiting? Most likely the types of people who wrote them. In the United States most laws were written by white men of privilege during times of even grosser sexism and racism than we are currently experiencing. The laws are totally out of date, coming from times when women, children, and people of color were not even considered sovereign beings. People with impunity are again and again permitted to act swiftly, on their "gut instincts," which usually means relying on bias and discrimination. Well-meaning police officers, lawyers, and judges "fall in line" with tradition and historical use of the law. In this way they perpetuate discriminating practices and enforce a system that harms the most defenseless members of society, rather than supporting them. 

Back to the astrology: further supporting this feminist (read 'equality' if you are squeamish) sense of justice is Venus trine the North Node and Eris in Leo. This Venus placement is in mutual reception with the sun and, therefore very strong in this supportive fire sign. There is a lot of power here to do this important work to shift the inequity of our global community.

On October 11th, Pluto stations direct. Plutonic themes of birth, death, regeneration, resurrection, sex, power, and manipulation will come to the fore. The US is experiencing its Pluto return. If you think a Saturn return is intense, this is extra. Imagine this: you broke away from your oppressors about 250 years ago, and now realize that you must radically transform yourself because you are pretty much equally horrible and, there is nowhere else to colonize. On January 20th, 2024 Pluto moves into Aquarius for the next 20 years. (During September through November 18th, 2023 it will dip back into Capricorn a half degree. But, for the most part, we are into Aquarius.) Why is that so significant? Pluto in Aquarius will bring power to the people, the internet, AI, science, and other Aquarian areas of life. Where there is power, there will be misuse of power; we will see corruption in these areas surface. Take advantage of this time to put your ideas that will benefit the majority into action. The upside of Aquarius is friendship and a focus on humanity. The downside is scientific coldness which can be inhumane. Focus your energies on channeling this Plutonic energy towards the betterment of all. How do you do this? It is not just hopes and prayers. It is about direct action. Jump in. The moment when Pluto goes direct on October 11th, is the time when you can start riding this intense and transformational wave. Don't dissociate. Make yourself stronger in whatever ways you can. Join the fight. We need each other, we need change.


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