Nate Brown--Quitting Smoking

Article published at: Mar 4, 2016 Article author: Lily Michaud
Nate Brown--Quitting Smoking
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Below is Nate's story. Take it Easy is the herbal smoking blend that is most helpful for early symptoms of tobacco withdrawal. It helps with cravings (lobelia), irritability (skullcap and catnip), lung support (mullein), and rose (for heart chakra balancing--the heart chakra is often hurt by habitual smoking).
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Nate Brown is one our amazing cigarette customers. He was able to use Brown Bear Take it Easy herbal cigarettes to help ease off of tobacco smoking. He also sent some beautiful photos of cigarette crutches we use to keep the herbs out of your mouth and inspire you. They are no longer hand written so it is really special to see them appreciated through such elegant images. Here's his story:
Smoking History:
I was smoking 1 to 1.5 packs every day when I first tried to quit. I knew all the benefits of quitting.. but had been smoking since I was 12 years old. Ultimately I ended up quitting because of chronic bronchitis. That was the last straw for me. One winter I couldn't take it anymore. 

My introduction to Brown Bear Herbal Cigarettes:
My brother would always joke and nag at me about quitting (it was pretty funny, most of the time). A few Christmas' ago, almost seeming like a "ha-ha Nate.. QUIT" nag-gag, he handed me a box of Brown Bear Take it Easy herbal smokes. He told me of their organic nature, protectiveness in smoke, and the intent of the herbal blend itself. Having a long-time fascination with human psychopharmacology, organic and otherwise, I was sold.
This was right around the time I'd had an appointment to have my wisdom teeth pulled. I'd learned you're not supposed to smoke after teeth extractions (dry socket and all..) so I figured I'd use the post-op time as a convenient time to kick cigarettes. Between a silly electronic cigarette (still ended up with dry socket) and the quit smoking blend, I gave up cigarettes, for the first time ever trying, for four months or so.
Later on I started a school program and I started smoking cigarettes again here and there. Almost everytime I did smoke, I came down with bronchitis. Over time, I got really into the different blends and always keep a few on hand for when I want a smoke. With their help I was finally able to get off tobacco again. 

My Favorite Brown Bear Blend:
When it came to the Take it Easy blend, I found the herb and smoke itself to be quite pleasant and surprisingly sedative. I definitely noticed a curbed craving for cigarettes with the Take it Easy blend, almost immediately (usually wouldn't be very long until I'd crave another). I was able to go a 5 hour shift at work without thinking about sneaking out for one on my dinner break. The blend help curb the feeling of need for cigarettes without becoming something I craved just as much.
Crutch Messages:
I found the crutch messages creatively inspiring. It was cool, because each message seemed to find me at the right time. I also had a lot of good moments getting in the mindset to take the photos for each crutch.
Can't thank you enough for finding your way into Lombard, IL and having such an impact on my life during a few very transitional years for me! 
-Nate Brown
Lombard, IL

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