Why is Meditation Beneficial and What is Plant Meditation?

Article published at: Jan 3, 2024 Article author: Lily Michaud
Why is Meditation Beneficial and What is Plant Meditation?
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Why is meditation beneficial? I have been practicing silent meditation everyday for my adult life. It has given me a connection to spirit, improved my relationships, and helped me emotionally. Furthermore I have seen how much it helped my father, who has meditated daily my whole life. I share some of my experiences.

What is plant meditation? Plant meditation is a simple practice combining consuming plant medicine (subscribe and join our Plant Meditation Club) and meditating. During your meditation, observe you body, mind, emotions, etc, and then journal and share your experiences with others. In this way your learn from plants (gemstones, etc) from your internal experiences and those of others in the Plant Meditation Club.

We are sharing our plant meditation experiences here, on the Community blog, and in groups in person in Portland, OR and online. 


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