Video: Easter Lily for Sexuality, Resurrection, Lung Health, & PCOS

Article published at: May 30, 2024 Article author: Lily Michaud
Easter Lily close up, lillium longiflorum by Mustang Joe, wiki commons
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Spiritually and emotionally the flower has associations with resurrection and purity. Those drawn to this energetic essence may feel torn between the extreme goals of pure living, ie chastity and Godliness that the flower represents, and feeling like any deviation is living like the devil. The archetypal polarity may be referred to as the nun/whore vision of feminine sexuality. The dynamic is too rigid and controlling to work in nature. Easter Lily can help us integrate our sexual expression and enable a more authentic presence in the world, while releasing strict, outdated gender roles.

Flower essences are water that has been imbued with the energy of a flower and preserved (typically) in brandy. They work by transforming energy within the body and can be helpful for physical dis-ease. They reliably are emotionally supportive. Start experimenting with flower essences and see how they work for you.



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