Plant Medicine for Trauma & Resilience

Article published at: Jan 20, 2023 Article author: Lily Michaud
Plant Medicine for Trauma & Resilience
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I recently did an interview with powerhouse, Anabel Velasquez, check out the podcast and her work improving legal outcomes from abuse victims at Her main mission is to remove the stigma associated with being a victim of domestic and/or sexual abuse. We discussed healing with plant medicine while enduring and recovering from family and sexual abuse.

Here are some of the nature medicines I have relied on and recommend for people going through the challenges of domestic abuse and/or sexual abuse. Even in 2022, in the US, it continues to be difficult for victims to get independence from and legal support when dealing with an abusive intimate partner. Matters can be even worse when there is a child involved. Anabel Valequez offers legal resources and community. It is important to support your healing as you go through these challenges. Mother Nature is here to help. It is never enough to survive. If you are feeling that way, I hope you will change your expectations. We can all thrive, even in adversity. It takes a lot of courage and persistence. It takes a lot of loving yourself.


Getting out:

Werewolf root, is a powerful traditional medicine that helps you make radical changes when the options may feel like you must "change or die". That is the message I get from the plant. It has been historically helpful when there is a domineering or abusive partner or boss making life miserable. We offer the flower essence in the shop.

Agrimony tea, tincture, or flower essence can be helpful with legal difficulties. It can also be helpful if you put on a smile and hide your pain stoically. Isolation is a tactic of an abuser. Don't participate in it by closing yourself off from potential support. Start learning who your allies are by letting trustworthy people know what you are going through. Over time you will know who your team is. You are there for each other. There is no community without vulnerability and need. Community is essential for preventing abuse. It takes a village, know and grow yours.


Staying in the Fight:

Black Cohosh, this herb is a potent ally for women who need to persevere in long battles. If you are faced with an ongoing struggle, whether you are still living with the person or not, this herb is often supportive and strengthening. Find the tincture here.

Thyme is really easy to find and seems so minor since we cook with it. It is actually a very powerful herb. Warriors used to take thyme before entering the battlefield. I feel its strength is making life-or-death situations seem manageable. It is in our Sweet Dreams Tea which can be helpful for bullies, nightmares, tummy aches, and colds/flus too. It is great for any age but, specially formulated to support little ones.


Recovering and Revitalizing after Sexual Trauma:

Trauma Recovery Support, this flower and gem essence* has been reported to be supportive for dealing with trauma responses like night terrors, anxiety, and trust. I noticed a common thread of survivors feeling they could be more open discussing their needs and experiences, while feeling less defensive after using this remedy. 

Sexy Smokes If you are a smoker this blend is a great alternative to tobacco. This non-addictive smoking blend is a mild to moderate aphrodisiac, depending on other factors like hormones, etc. The herbs in it are supportive to trauma recovery and enjoying being in your body. Check out this video to learn more.

Kirtan Kriya This is a free yoga excercise that takes only 3 minutes a day. I did it and it ended my PTSD symptoms. That was about 20 years ago. More recently I decided to do it as a daily practice and it has brought a lot of peace and improved understanding that helps my relationships. You can see my how-to video here. I can't recommend this exercise enough. It is easy and even a child can do it. I recommend it for females 9 years old and up. It is said to be the best meditation for women and especially for anyone who has had a bad experience with a man.

*Flower and gem essences are energetic medicines that you can add to your water or take directly. If you feel they would support your small child, you can add them to their bath water, body products, or bake into treats to provide gentle healing support.


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