Lapis Lazuli Gem Essence, Reveal date 5/9/24

Article published at: May 2, 2024 Article author: Lily Michaud
Lapis Lazuli close up by Parent Géry, wiki commons
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 This week we meditated with Lapis Lazuli gem essence. 


Of note: Use for mastery of a subject--this can come out in craft and voice, such as speaking on the subject.

For further inquiry: Is lapis lazuli good for breast health?


•Download of processes around playing as a method of perfection/mastery. Developing the mind, developing craft, developing voice/articulation, creating a playful interior world that is shared. Growing communication.

•Very, very warm heart, burning. Reflections on change in personality, realizing the reaction to relationships resulting in negative personal tendencies, that may not be inherent to their personality, but situational.

•Two people trying it when tipsy: one becomes immediately sober, as in clear headed. The other immediately feels high.

•Seeing breasts, all sorts of breasts, bouncing breasts, milk shooting out of breasts. At one point a woman has a round darker pink area on her breast, a sore, when she touches it, it disappears as if her finger was an eraser.

•Dream of becoming like a cat (boss energy: does little work and gets served) and using lapis. Lapis lazuli encourages mastery through repetition with the goal of perfection. It is joyful to work in this way, not stressful or drudgery. Whatever the work it helps to bring more joy and perfection to the process.

Historical Use and associations:

This gem (as a stone for meditation or presence, a wearable stone, and/or gem essence) was historically seen as a power stone and used for manifesting, throat chakra support and speech. This gem is helpful for autism (voice), lymphatic system, and thymus (Gurudas, Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing). Heals emotional wounds (Star Riparetti, Bliss and Blessings). This stone is used to clear deep emotional wounds, develop stability and power of the mind. It "helps clear your own darkness and illusion, your own subconscious, to truly identify with your own god-self." (Raphaell, Crystal Enlightenment).

Breast health: Due to the relationship between emotions and the breasts and the lymphatic system running through the breast tissue, it makes sense lapis lazuli could support breast health. Furthermore the lymphatic system is dependent on movement of the body to circulate. Unlike other body parts the breasts typically do not move unless bounced. The cultural goal tends towards restraining breast movement in brast. Bouncing would help lymphatic movement and health in the breasts. It warrants further investigation whether lapis lazuli in combination with bouncing or other breast movement for promoting breast heatlh. Breast cancer risk is reduced in women who nurse for a total of a year or more (lifetime total). Nursing  is another way that breast tissue receives more circulation than in normal bra-restrained living.


Have you had an experience with Lapis Lazuli, either the stone itself or the essence, or through dreaming? Please share your insights in the comments. Interested in learning more through experience? 



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