Pear Flower Essence, Reveal Date: 4/8/24

Article published at: Apr 1, 2024 Article author: Lily Michaud
Pear Flower Essence, Reveal Date: 4/8/24
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Pear flower essence, areas for future investigation:

Use for upheaval to the home, community, or local environment. Such as sudden moves, earthquakes, shocks to the community.

This week we meditated with Pear flower essence. The flower and gem essences are subtle medicine and more likely to work through shifting energy, emotions, or mental patterns. They do not have a flavor or smell.

Photograph of a new (small) pear and pear blossom on the tree. Photograph by Lily A. Michaud
My Meditation:
First: The flower talks about how "we" used to play with flowers and sticks. We could imaging a door that went into a bush and there was a space for us, and no one would see us. We would delight in fruits and berries. I see observing picking young people picking blackberries.  Having a backyard filled with plants meant a lot. Now we have all the prime we want and throw-away toys. The fruit falls off the tree because it is too high to gather. It is a nuisance to clean it up. The fruit is so much! So many people can eat, put away the fruit, make pies and crisps. I smell cinnamon and baking--I feel the warmth of the house. 
Second: The essence talks of and shows me the first time a baby picks her first fruit (pear) from by herself, held in Mama's arms. The essence likes seeing a mother and child sit in the shade and shows me this. The tree shows me many things that are about youth, time to relax, play, being at home in a relaxing way. I like to work at home, so I note this as an entirely different way to experience home that many people might feel is the normal way to be at home. It reminds me a little of playing in my backyard as a child. The energy is very Taurus (enjoying the home, food, garden) and home as in family.   
My Daughter's Meditation
First: I see pink, a flower that is turning pink. I hear singers associated with pink. Barbie pink. I saw a barbie too, a traditional one, not like in the movie. 
Second: I felt like I was drinking pink, when I drank the water with the essence in it. It looked pink. "I love you like a love song" was going through my head. 
Summary/Common Use
The energy of pear flower essence felt playful in a simple way. Enjoying the simple pleasures of backyards, childhood, and simple emotions. I found it interesting that it was nostaglic for children that were satisfied with berries and bushes to play with but interacted with my daughter with pinks and barbie and love songs. These things are so not her current speed, but she definitely had pink phases. The flowers are pure white. I feel like the pink was more about connecting with a youthful, playful energy. The essence reminded me of a grandmother--someone who would want to please a child even if it wasn't in the way they would prefer. I do think it is interesting that it mostly showed me mothers with their girls. I don't know if this was because the tree itself observed these or (given the pink thing with my daughter) that it wanted to make me feel grounded and happy as I have so many times doing simple nature activities with my daughter. Connecting with this tree really reminded me of my grandmother, she seemed so rooted in her home and the grandchildren would come and visit, dancing and running around her, lighting her up. This experience made me imagine what it must be like to be a tree and witness lives around you (like the giving tree, but without the over giving!).
I made this essence from the tree in my last backyard. I read that pear essence is used to help you when there is a feeling of like we don't belong, to establish stability, belonging, and contentment. Pear can bring comfort when there are sudden emergencies. I like it for tonifying our hearts after all the tragedies and upheavels of the pandemic. Though I am not a pear person, I appreciated having this tree's medicine on site when we were forced to move. It is a feeling of observant love with a gentle desire to make people in our lives happy. It gives such an amazing sense of stability and contentment. Feeling these nurturing memories that are brought to mind from this essence, is making me ball my eyes out. I am reminded of all the simple good in the world, and very much looking forward to when Uranus, a dominant planet in my chart, exits Taurus (permanently in 2026), and my living situation will likely stop changing suddenly (three rather sudden moves since it entered the sign in 2018!). Each home was pretty great and neighbors was never that we wanted the change. Now I have my little pocket sized bottle of pear medicine to experience someone loving and wise, helping me feel soft, comfortable, stable and simple feelings. 

Thanks Pear! 
Since it felt like this essence was specifically loving towards me and my daughter, I am very curious to see how it works with others. Please share your experiences below.
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