Blackberry Leaf Plant Meditation: Reveal Date 1/23

Article published at: Jan 15, 2024 Article author: Lily Michaud
Blackberry Leaf Plant Meditation: Reveal Date 1/23
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Blackberry leaf, areas for further experimentation:

Reclaiming life and transforming deep psychological issues (a mental health counselor can be helpful along with the herb). 

Manifesting, getting grounded and bringing ideas into the material world.

Increasing resilience and the ability to manage both the peaks and the valleys.

Blackberry Leaf

This week we meditated on Blackberry leaf, an common remedy from traditional Western herbalism. Blackberry is ubiquitous in many areas of the US, and therefore available for wildcrafting. Make sure it is from a safe zone (free from chemicals, etc) if you are planning to use the herb for medicine. If you are thinking of planting your own bushes, check which species are acceptable to plant in your area. 

Ecology Note: Himalayan blackberry is categorized as an invasive species in many areas of the United States. The seeds of blackberry are controlled at various borders because of its tendency to spread and take over. 

Plant Meditation

Taste/feel: the bottom of a lake (slime/mud), mineral rich, a little sweet, taro boba tea, citrusy, similar to stale chamomile, nettles, or raspberry leaf. Drying/astringent quality.

I loved the taste of this tea, and wanted more. It felt rich, nourishing, and thick energetically. I experienced a deep warmth and heaviness in my lower jiao (perhaps associated with dampness/excess water element). The color of this area was an intense deep purple.

The plant explained some people use a strong base to lift up (having a strong sexual foundation and being grounded to bring the energy up to higher energy centers: third eye and crown). Others set their life intention to be just the umbrella (image from an art piece I am working on, which is light coming in from above to serve and protect). The deep purple slowly spread up my body gradually to my heart, shoulders, and to my nose. At this point my body is all color: purple to my nose, blue from my forehead to nose to the center of my brain, white above. Then the white begins to spread downwards (white, like the flower) til almost my entire body is white, with a small amount of deep purple mixed into the lower jiao. 

I experienced a runny nose, coughing, restlessness, and stiffening neck. Later my lungs began to feel lighter. The taste is similar to nettles and raspberry leaf, and I use both for rhinitis, so it makes sense this would have similar use. It seems like it would be good to use with Black Cohosh for the cough. Research indicates that this herb was used for whooping cough and Black Cohosh would be a good addition to blackberry leaf for that indication.

Art by Plant Meditator Leela:

Another person had visions of darkness/violence in a natural body of water. A happy looking fish was shot, blood poured out from the fish, fish carcasses and blood came out from the mouth of a statue. The person felt depressed. A giant female diety (a similar vibe to one of the three fates) released one drop of ink into the water for every death. There were many deaths going on at this time. Only the wrist and hand were visible. They kept hearing the song “Down by the Water” by PJ Harvey.



This plant brought up themes of darkness and light and the second chakra (water element). Energy was felt in the pelvis/womb area as well as respiratory system.

In my herbal practice I use this herb for diarrhea (damp lower jiao) and clearing negative sexual experiences (Sexy Smokes). I appreciated how the herb showed its use for colds and coughs. It had a similar taste and mouth feel to both raspberry leaf and nettles, which I also use for rhinitus (allergies with nettles, and runny noses and post nasal drip sore throats with raspberry leaf), so it makes sense it would have similar uses. It is important to have safe and easily accessible herbs for common ailments such as colds, flus, and digestive upsets. If you live in an area that has abundant blackberry, make a harvest: freeze berries, and dry leaves for colds. The darkness that surfaced for one participant was relieved by black cohosh, which helps with dark brooding energies and people who have had to deal with a lot of negative, controlling people or energies. I feel there is some synergy between black cohosh and blackberry, both dealing with getting stuff out from deep within (spasmodic coughs and deeply penetrating experiences?). In my practice this is the first time these two herbs came together. But, I see they have work to do that overlaps. I see them as two elder sisters in long skirts, bent over a body, doing intense labor to free souls that have been bound.


Use in Herbalism

Psychospiritual: Manifestation (out of head, bringing ideas into the physical world), grounding (for dissociation), relief of depression, fear of death, clearing negative sexual experiences, may bring dormant talents from past lives to the surface, more sympathy for animals. It is ethical to do this remedy by itself but recommended that it is done in combination with therapy (Gurudas, Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, 1989, pg 85, referring to blackberry flower essence).

Physical: diarrhea, venous hemorrhage (uterus, intestines, etc), sore throat, sores in mouth, cough, spasms of whooping cough, hemorrhoids, eczema (wash), anemia (tea, help blood absorb nutrition), tuberulosis, infertility.


Now that you know this plant was blackberry leaf, does that connect to other experiences with the plant? I am thinking I may have loved the flavor so much because I need iron and it is helpful for anemia.


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My dad participated in this plant meditation and we experienced similar energetic movement with the herb. He also felt it helped with his diabetic neuropathy. This is what he told me:

“I felt lots of qi moving in my legs. I felt very relaxed in my legs as if I had just been reiki’d.” Then the energy moved up to the lower dantian. From there it moved up to the third eye. After drinking the second cup, the energy moved to the heart. At this point, I had some shortness of breath."

He said he did experience some emotions related to other times the qi was in those areas of his body, but mostly he felt the qi movement. He has diabetic neuropathy and takes strong medications for it. The neuropathy causes him to feel numbness and pain (only about 2 or 3 out of 10). The medications don’t seem to help. The flow of qi in the legs helped him feel relaxed, and he felt better, like his legs were alive.

Lily's Dad

So interesting to read this! The smell felt so familiar to me, and reminded me a bit of nettles and also chamomile. I definitely experienced that deep sense of warmth, yet removal of inflammation, especially in my mouth. And it filled my lower belly with the most soothing warmth. I also experienced the sensation of a vertical energy channel through the center of my body, from throat to lower belly. It felt so healing on my throat too, so it really makes sense that it’s used for cough. Overall it really felt like an old friend, even though I don’t think I’ve ever used blackberry leaf before. It had such a beautiful rooting quality. Thank you for this wonderful experience, Arati!


Wow! It totally makes sense. I understand now why I felt so present and had difficulty assimilating the unusual feelings. A good feeling, just not used to it. I am more of a disassociate personality, half of me always on another plane. I will have to work more with the herb and learn what to do or how to handle that strong sensation of grounding and clearing mind. A good oportunity for exploration and things it might bring.

I also understand now why my nipples were so sensitive and its association with chest/breast and womb relationship with sexual energy. Not a bad experience, just more sensitivity and warmth.

Your explanation of the herb helps me understand why the dry effects of mucus at mouth and nose.

I love experiencing herbs this way! It makes me feel more connected to them and empowers my intuition (inner teacher knowledge). Thanks for the oportunity and thanks for all sharing your experiences. Is lovely to read you.

Joanne Magdaleno

I found the plant to be both humorous and totally grounded at the same time. I felt its energy as sobering with a clearer head as I drank it. I channel, so I got some direct communication from the plant itself. It was maternal in its presentation and gave me a few different visions: stirring a cauldron with a broom, the image of children going to school and growing up through the system until they graduate, and then a sort of “and that’s where I stop my work,” sort of impression — I’m sure this was a metaphor for a healing process, but I couldn’t glean what exactly. Some things it said were, “You hear me whisper at night,” “I heal feelings of emptiness and hold space when you are somber,” and “I think watching people heal is great fun.” One thing I was told was that it can help with insects eating other plants in the garden, which is interesting, since I am definitely not a gardener so wouldn’t normally think about that sort of thing. I noticed a warm energy in the second chakra area of my auric field and was told that the plant can help connect the root and second chakra. I also noticed a warmth in the throat that wasn’t just the warmth of the tea itself. I got the impression that it wanted me to get out of my head and “get down to Earth” more. It literally gave me the sensation of my head being pressed to the ground, though it wasn’t jarring, just funny. It said it was very in tune with the hurt and pain on Earth and felt somber about that. Other than that, it was charming and beckoning in nature and a sweet plant to engage with. A fun experience.


Mild taste of grain like genmai cha without the astringency. I began feeling nourished moving to satisfaction.

Daphne Wells

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