Linden, Reveal Date 2/23

Article published at: Feb 16, 2024 Article author: Lily Michaud
Linden, genus Tilia, growing in Portland, OR.
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This week we meditated on Linden, also known as Lime tree, genus tilia, an herb from traditional Western herbalism. 

I enjoy this herb but am very curious about it. I was delighted to share the experience of learning its medicine through plant meditation with the Herb Society of the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.


Group Plant Meditation Shares: 

Mouth Experience: moistening, numbing (in a soothing way), lubricating.

Heart: nourishing to the heart (based on pulse change), 

Kidneys: "restored kidneys to a moist, happy place; 

Joints: the herb showed me awareness of slightly hot, dry joints, and I believe it can be lubricating in these conditions.

Emotions: A friend you can trust unquestionably, relief, "it's all okay", soothing and smoothing, reilef, self saying "I need this!"(relief), lightness, Spring energy, reminiscing about favorite places and times.

General: blood moving, clearing stagnation, peacefully energizing, many comments about the kidneys.

My Experience: 

The first thing I saw was a short-limbed octopus in my heart center. Octopi may have a reputation for being a bit enmeshed but, they sure can do a lot with all those arms. I love water work (emotions!). It looked kind of like the octopus emoji but white and with dangling limbs. 

I became aware my face (inside) felt slightly hot and dry. The plant scanned my joints. It started at my left shoulder which has been slightly irritated. It noted how strong and aligned my back is (I have been working out), it spent a lot of time there. I always set my intention the plant is welcome to learn from me too. I asked why it was interested and it indicated it was similar to a leaf. It then slowly moved down to my feet, assessing my hips and knees along the way. It drew my attention to a bone that is out of alignment on my foot, then moved on. I think it can lubricate joints, and perhaps help with alignment to some extent, especially if there is hot and dry.

In the context of judging and determinations, the herb talked to me about balancing the harms we do to each other knowingly and unknowingly with the reasons we come together. It spoke of importance of intention but looking again to why we come together (such as this plant meditation). The plant was peaceful, and positively redirecting.*

Use in Medical Herbalism: 

Linden is generally thought of as cooling and moistening, mildly sedating, soothing to irritation, and nourishing. Linden has many traditional uses including:

Neurological/Psychological: headaches, hyperactivity, insomnia, anxiety. *This is how I see this herb primarily being used.

Lungs: Flu, fever with profuse sweating that does not improve the condition--Linden can break the fever, colds, coughs (mucus in lower respiratory tract).

Stomach: warming and relaxing to the digestive tract, good if there is indigestion, diarrhea, or vomiting associated with tension or stress. 

Heart: cardiac symptoms and/or hypertension associated with nervous tension.

Kidneys: Dark, scanty urine, edema--restorative.

Female health: Mild to severe reproductive organ pain (including cramps) and/or inflammation. Hot flashes (cold linden tea).

Topical: eye wash for inflammation, cool skin on a hot day, itchy skin


Use in Magic/Folklore:

"You can't lie under a Linden tree." -said someone! and repeated by multiple people in this group :)

Linden was used in courtrooms and in town centers where legal proceedings would take place. The herb is used in magic spells as well. In both cases this pleasant and uplifting herb helps bring us to harmony to existing relationships. It offers medicine to support more peaceful homes and more pleasant outcomes through legal decision-making.

*I loved the feeling the plant imparted as it created a space to make legal decisions/judge that was harmony oriented. I have a lot of negative experience with the court system (modern day, not run by linden). The linden energy was focused on restoring harmony in the community. This herb feels so libra (in Western astrology) and very water element. I love the way the herb helped relieve and redirect attention with us to greater harmony and lightness. 

At Brown Bear Herbs: 

I use linden in two herbal smoking blends

Clear Mind, with other herbs for focus and creativity. Many people with ADHD and anxiety report that this smoking blend is helpful.

Lady Luck, with other herbs traditionally used to promote luck--including agrimony and pearly everlasting. 

The flower makes a beautiful light tea or syrup. I enjoy working with it further, now that I have seen so many new sides of it with the group's observations.


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