Video: Yarrow, Materia Medica

Article published at: Oct 16, 2020 Article author: Lily Michaud
Yarrow leaf and flower, live plant, photograph by Alexa, wikicommons
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My top recommendation for your first aid kit: Yarrow!

Yarrow is amazing for deep cuts (first aid!!!), fevers, clots/bruises, joint injuries (small associated clots, as well as hematomas), and energetic field healing--for all you healers out there that are feeling real sensitive. Read more about this herb here through our Plant Meditation Club.

It is in our Astral in Body herbal smoking blend, which I talk about that towards the end--guess what? Did you know yarrow used to be a common beer ingredient and apparently it was a wild experience to drink??? The plant has mildly psychotropic properties. 



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