New Video: Herbs for Embodiment

Article published at: May 9, 2024 Article author: Lily Michaud
New Video: Herbs for Embodiment
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Greetings! I filmed this video during the new moon in taurus, 2024. The month of May is full of Taurus energy which is all about enjoying life on Earth, including your physical body and all sorts of Venusian delights. Here are some herbal formulas to support your embodiment goals.

In this video I am sharing two products made with herbs traditionally used to support embodiment/living a fuller life. When we pull out of certain areas of our body to avoid pain, depression, or other feelings the flow of energy is not as supportive to health. When you have space, try leaning into challenging feelings. Experience and acknowledge what you feel with as little judgement as possible. Then see if you can imagine allowing new good feelings as you continue to work with the difficult ones. The better you are at holding space for yourself, the better you will be with honoring what other people are going through.

Humanity Tea, for those struggling with living in their hearts and emotions. Perhaps you have been told it is wrong to express emotions (common with males and females depending on culture). Burying emotions can lead to alcoholism and substance use disorder. The herbs in this tea blend, hawthorn, yerba santa, agrimony, and thyme, help integrating deep emotions and help with being brave and strong.


ASMR tincture, if you are out of your sex life due to trauma or fatigue the herbs in this tincture are here for bringing stamina and life back! Often trauma and bad experiences give us the feeling "let's not go there". I observe this leads to energetic imbalances that can perpetuate health problems. Healthy engagement with your sex life (whether that is solo or partnered) is good for your health. ASMR stands for ashwagandha, shatavari, maca, and rose. The first three herbs have been traditionally used to bring sexual energy and enjoyment into your life. They are herbs that encourage sensual expression and appreciation, slow down and enjoy feeling. Rose is there to make sure you keep your heart in the equation. Sex or sensuality without love and support will sooner or later feel less than full/embodied.


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