Ginseng for Personal Resilience and Allyship

Article published at: Apr 15, 2024 Article author: Lily Michaud
Ginseng for Personal Resilience and Allyship
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The herb Ginseng, or Rénshēn (Bái) 白人參, has many traditional uses. In our plant meditation the herb felt fortifying and helpful for increasing the ability to sit with emotions—either your own or those of others. In other words, both personal resilience and allyship. Experiment with taking this herb for shorter time frames (a day, week or a couple months) to see if it helps you with your ability to ground while experiencing emotions so you can be a better ally. This herb helps lower blood sugar, so use caution or do not use if you tend towards low blood sugar.

Learn about Ginseng, or Rénshēn (Bái) 白人參 in this video and check out the more detailed blog post and comments here 

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