Crab Apple Flower Essence, Reveal Date 3/8/24

Article published at: Mar 1, 2024 Article author: Lily Michaud
Crab Apple Flower Essence, Reveal Date 3/8/24
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Crab Apple flower essence, areas for future investigation:

Feelings of impurity related to abuse (animals or people). Self-acceptance when your standards may be too high.

This week's essence meditation was on Crab Apple flower, Malus. 

Visions from the Essence: 

Me: Awareness I was crabby today. Crab-appley. Wah. I think of my heart often as an apple. Usually it is a bright red apple. Sometimes it is an achey apple. This time the heart is a crab apple it has lots of black marks. 

Rasbak, Wiki Commons, two crab apples with scab (dark, ringed spots)

The crab apple flower says, you have black spots on your heart but you have been putting light into each one of them and pumping blood all over your body. 

The crab apple says "I want you to be with your horse." Several times! "I would help you with that." I see flowers around the eyes.  Brighten up your heart, brighten up your eyes! 

Other participant: I see blackness dripping all over, spreading all over. Then the essence (the flower) made it better again. It is black like black tourmaline or spilled ink but ring shaped like an oil spill but rhodochrosite-like rings. The flower that made it better seems like it could be calendula. 

Ringworm vs Rhodochrosite


Traditional Use: 

Crab apple is used for skin issues including ringworm. You can see from the pictures how similar the scab on crab apple looks to ringworm and rhodochrositte (a good description, as well as energetically, an oil spill). Ringworm is caused by a fungus and crab apple scab is also caused by a fungus. I think of fungus as a black, icky build-up, even though on the skin it shows as red. The energy of it seems apt for the blackness of the vision. Crab apple is also used for rashes, and warts. It is commonly used for fungal infections in horses and many other animals. A common dose would be 1-5 drops of flower essence in water to sip (or water bowl) or placed in the bath. 

In my practice I frequently use Crab apple flower emotional for when someone is feeling physically or psychically  "dirty" or "impure". The flower essence helps shift to self-acceptance and greater comfort in body and immediate environment--physically, emotionally, and mentally. The feeling of contamination, or desire for purity, may be a result of physical or sexual abuse, or other forms of mistreatment. Crab apple has been used to bring confidence to animals that have experienced abuse. 

Sweet-scented crab apple from Loudon, J. C.'s Arboretum et fruticetum britannicum,

I liked the crab apple talking about my heart and horse. In Chinese medicine the heart is associated with the horse. I want to get back on my horse (heart) again and back on a horse (mammal)! My favorite horse died and I have been taking a little break. I saw the black spots as injuries from little (or big insults). These could include abuse, since that is a common use of the flower. I have been putting light into my sore spots. I will try more crab apple since it has big promises. It also makes me feel like it is okay to be crabby! That is a suprisingly lovely feeling. I usually feel like it is best to make everyone around me happy and peaceful. I have never felt it was okay to be in a bad mood. Lately I have been empowered by seeing my crabbiness can help people understand my needs. 

Here's to crabby apples and crabby hearts! 

Many herbs contain the remedies to problems they cause or have. From this vision I wonder if spraying crab apples with crab apple flower essence would help with the scab. At any rate it treats similar looking skin conditions. Calendula is another herb that has historically been used to treat rashes and fungus. 


Have you experienced crab apple flower essence or used it in your practice? Please share you experiences to help us gather more collective wisdom about crab apple. 


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