Better Boundaries: Devil's Club, Yarrow, St John's Wort

Article published at: Dec 18, 2023 Article author: Lily Michaud
Better Boundaries: Devil's Club, Yarrow, St John's Wort
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Here are my favorite herbs for managing boundaries.  

Wishing you pleasant holidays! 


Are you generally feeling overwhelmed by others'?

Yarrow and St John's Wort (in my Back Support tincture) are really helpful for healing openings in your energy body which can make you more susceptible to other people's feelings and energy. Yarrow is found in my Blood and Boundaries bath) as well as Astral in Body herbal smoking blend. St John's Wort in my Back Support tincture. Taking either or both of these in small doses over time has been known to tonify the subtle body making it easier to be a perceptive person but to no longer feel inundated by others energies.

All three of these herbs are pretty common in the Pacific Northwest. Yarrow is pretty easy to identify and grow. St John's wort is considered an invasive species and discouraged from gardening because it spreads easily and can cause grazers (like cows) to develope sunburns. Check out my St John's Wort identification video on @brownbearherbs on Instagram.


Stronger support when needed: Devil's club 

Try taking Devil's Club when you are going into a situation with a very tough personality. This herb is particularly helpful for having a tough skin around difficult family members, or anyone else who is typically emotionally overwhelming. This herb was historically used to give strong boundaries and a sense of protection. I recommend trying small doses first, about 5 drops is a good starting point. You can take more if needed. Sometimes taking too much can make people feel a little aggressive. 



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