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      Trans is Beautiful Gem & Flower Essence

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      A flower and gem essence to support personal transformation and manifestation, for healing and protection. Though it was formulated for challenges faced by many trans folx, it is a combination that can help many people who have been misidentified and/or have experienced trauma/persecution. Read the descriptions below to see if these flower and gem medicines are a good fit for you.



      “I’ve been a loyal partner of Brown Bear herbs for a little over two years now, and have tried an array of their products. The trans essence remains one of my favorites, and I constantly find myself coming back for more. As a trans man in such a intense social climate, this flower essence has allowed me to ground myself when I need it most. I put it in my water bottle in the morning and my tea at night. The subtle floral flavor and smooth finish reminds me there is a sweetness and gentleness to being trans, and I am oh so protected by my own rituals and peace of mind.”


      Veondre L, Oregon



      Calla flower essence-uniting and balancing the male and female energies within ourselves. Look at this kind of looks like a penis growing inside a vagina. 

      Smilacena flower essence-for finding your true name. Smilacena has all these bogus names that translate to "not this or that plant but, kind of like it" . Once in a plant meditation with it I asked it what it wanted to be called. It said "Special". I LOVE It! I think this essence is great for anyone who has been misnamed or misidentified (ie gender). This plant is also used as invisibility medicine by indigenous populations. It seems to work by making you more visible to your kindred spirits and the rest of the folks tend to look for you in the wrong places. 

      Shungite gem essence-grounding and healing. Also has sheilding properties.

      Quartz essence-this crystal holds the basic pattern of the ideal for humanity and earth. It helps balance extremes of emotions. 

      Amethyst essence-Brings more mental clarity and inner peace. Helps ward off negative external influences. 


      Little drops of flower and gem love for you on your journey. 


      All Ingredients: pure water; alcohol (brandy and vodka), Calla Lily flower essence, Special (aka Smilacena stellata) flower essence, shungite gem essence, quartz gem essence, and amethyst essence.

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