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    Lomatium Root Tincture-Strongest Native Antiviral herb

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      Lomatium Root Tincture-Strongest Native Antiviral herb

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      This is my preferred preventative for covid-19. Take small doses to prevent, larger doses for an active case.*

      This listing is for 1oz of tincture. 

      Dried root of wildcrafted Lomatium in organic grape alcohol. Read my blog post

      This herb was used effectively during the Spanish flu Pandemic. 

      I dreamed of this herb right before the pandemic began. Lomatium is a strong lung opener and strong antiviral. I have used it myself during respiratory illnesses (I have a history of asthma and chest illnesses tend to inspire flareups).

      I discuss lomatium in this video, at 7:25

      Matthew Wood includes Lomatium in his list of recommended herbs for COVID19. Read more about his recommendations under his Freebies section. There are many updates on COVID19. I would check the most recent one. 

      I have also found it to be successful at helping with herpes simplex blisters with many clients. I recommend it in combination with Lemon Balm (another wonderful antiviral). If you are using it for herpes I recommend starting the Lomatium+Lemon Balm (fresh lemon balm, or tinctured fresh, is most effective) at the first sign of one coming on (first tingle).

      Take tincture drops on top of tongue or add to a small amount of water or juice. This tincture has a very strong flavor. 

      *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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