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    Lomatium & Lemon Balm (herpes)

      Brown Bear Herbs

      Lomatium & Lemon Balm (herpes)

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      This listing is for a 1oz tincture of lomatium and lemon balm. 

      This herbal formula has excellent antiviral properties. I have had many clients who have used it successfully for management of herpes outbreaks. Take at the first sign of a lesion forming. You can also use it preventatively for covid19. It is not as strong as just lomatium. So if you become ill with the virus, take all medical precautions and perhaps supplement with higher doses or straight lomatium.

      Wildcrafted Lomatium root and lemon balm leaves prepared in alcohol. 

      Also helpful for COVID-19:

      thyme (sweet dreams tea, humanity tea)

      baikal skullcap


      also helpful for prevention:


      elder berry




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